ChartWatch: Soulja Boy Catches Bad Break, Kanye & Nicki Dip! T.I. & Redman Emerge!

ChartWatch for December 08, 2010

Last week Kanye West and Nicki Minaj held the first and

second spots but this week they get dethroned by Susan Boyle and Taylor

Swift. That means the number one Hip Hop

(and I use the term Hip Hop loosely) album for the week is by none other than

The Black Eyed Peas. The group’s sixth

studio album, The Beginning, enters

the charts at number six and sells 117,066 copies. Unless there is some kind of a Hip Hop, Christmas

miracle, expect to see these guys on the charts for awhile.

Kanye West follows right behind them with his fifth studio

album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The Chicago rapper sells 106,003 copies bringing

the album’s totals to 602,003.

That leaves Nicki Minaj holding the number six spot. Her debut album, Pink Friday, moves another 102,395 copies in its second week

release bringing the album’s totals to 477,395.

Rihanna lands at number ten with her latest album, Loud. 

The 68,992 copies sold by the album this week bring her totals to


Leaving the top ten we have a debut from an R&B artist

and only two other entries in the top 50 for Hip Hop.

Chrisette Michele enters the charts with her third studio

album, Let Freedom Reign. The album takes the 24th position and

sells 48,874 copies.

Michele is followed by Eminem and Lil Wayne who hold the 25th

and 44th spots respectively. Eminem’s

Recovery continues to rack up sales

moving 43,736 copies this week. So far

the album has sold a total of 3,099,414. 

Meanwhile, Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A

Human Being EP sells 25,528 copies. 

So far the New Orleans MC has sold a total of 537,943.

Now come a few artists I figured would sell better. Slim Thug enters the charts at number 78 with

his latest album Tha Thug Show. Even with the sales this is still a solid

album and worth picking up. (I’m from

Houston so I may be biased although this isn’t the only album I believed is

worthy of better sales). So far the

album has moved 14,000 copies.

Directly behind Slim at number 79 is Soulja Boy with his

latest The DeAndre Way. The album debuts on the charts with 13,000

copies sold. I know a lot of people were

expecting this album to perform much better.

Finally, Lloyd Banks, HFM2

(The Hunger For More 2) falls from 25 to 90 selling only 12,000

copies. The album’s total sales rest

around 56,000.

Dropping This Week

I can’t tell if people are looking for this next album or

not. T.I.’s No Mercy [click here for the review] drops this week. 

The recently incarcerated rapper’s new album features Kanye West, Kid

Cudi, Mitchelle’l, Scarface, Chris Brown, Rocko, Eminem, The Dream, Young Dro,

Trey Songz, Pharrell, Drake, Rico Love, and Christina Aguilera. Catch the review of T.I.’s album here.

Redman releases Redman

Presents…Reggie this week with damn near no promotion. I wouldn’t have even known this album was

coming out if it wasn’t for bootleggers. 

The album features DJ Kool, Ready Roc, Runt Dawg, Saukrates, Faith

Evans, Melanie Rutherford, Kool Moe Dee, Method Man, Bun B, and Pooh Bear.