ChartWatch: The Same Ol' Stuff With More Underground Dropping

ChartWatch for September 22, 2010First up on the countdown is Linkin Park. They kind of rap…sometimes…well not anymore….but

they did have that Reanimation album from 2003. 

Plus they did that album with Jay-Z. All that aside the California band drops their

fourth studio album, A Thousand Suns,

and takes the number one spot selling 253,685 copies.

If I’m going to include a non Hip Hop group like Linkin Park

I have to include Trey Songz as well. 

The R&B singer’s fourth album, Passion,

Pain & Pleasure, enters the charts at number two, selling 244,103


He is followed by Detroit’s own Eminem who drops down one

spot to number three this week. The

rapper’s seventh studio album, Recovery,

sells 89,182 copies this week bringing Em’s total sales to 2,607,201.

Drake’s Thank Me Later

drops from 14 to 15 and moves 19,315 copies. 

The Canadian MC has sold 1,083,240 copies of his debut.

Rick Ross is at number 24 with his latest album, Teflon Don. The 13,967 copies sold last week brings his

total to 395,203.

B.o.B continues his slow sales burn with his debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, selling

9,766 copies and moving him up one spot to 36. 

Since its April release this album has stayed in the top 50 and has sold

a total of 381,545 copies. Black Milk's Album of the Year sells roughly 3,600 for the first week.Finally, my favorite

sell-out band, The Black Eyed Peas takes the number 45 spot with their chart

topping album The E.N.D. This week Will, Fergie, and the crew move

7,862 copies bringing the group’s total sales to 2,765,497. You would think that contrived black face

controversy attempted by Will.I.Am would have got the group more sales. (Next time if you’re going to don black face

and dress like a bootleg superhero do me a favor….don’t block Nicki Minaj.)

Dropping This Week

I only have two albums for you this week but before we get

into that I have to show you some stuff on the site. Why? I’m

from Texas, these articles are about Texas artists, and I’m biased. Killa

Kyleon, Double

A, Thugged

Out, Big

Hud, and Delo

are all featured in this month’s Texas Breeding ground. I’ll be honest, I only recognize two of those

names, but its Texas so I think everyone should support. (No, I’m not going to say which two…look at

them all)

The first album up in “dropping” is by none other than Cam’ron

and Vado who make up the duo the U.N. 

The new album Gunz N’ Butta was supposed to come out in March but, as

you can see, it was pushed back to this week. 

Cam’ron is said to have a lot of recordings saved up so fans that have

been missing him these past couple of years should give this one a listen.

Finally, producer Ski Beats (the guy who produced for

Jay-Z, Camp Lo, and most recently Curren$y) releases 24 Hour Karate School. Ski is largely responsible for giving Jay-Z’s

Reasonable Doubt its sound so fans

might want to give this one a listen.

That’s it for the

charts. See you next week.