Chaundon: Carnage

For fans of the Hall of Justus click, they are already well aware of the N.Y. affiliate Chaundon. The Bronx native has paid his dues with plenty of guest spots on HOJ projects as well as dropping his own work. That past material has had fans salivating to see what the kid could do on his own, and with his latest Carnage (Defend Music), they get a chance to hear how he is built. The wait didn’t develop a classic for the masses, but for those who love his flow, this disc has plenty to offer.

“Listen I’m the nicest in here / I don’t even write rhymes, the words assemble themselves out of fear / No need for me to start sayin’ names / If you hustlers want to claim you ain’t rappers, get the hell out the game” is a powerful way to introduce yourself. This opener “The Greatest Warrior,” is a battle anthem which makes it clear that Chaundon isn’t to be messed with. He also does his thing lyrically on the lively “Don’t Take It Personal.”

The guest list is quite solid for this project. “3 Kings” featuring Torae and Skyzoo has all three rappers marching over powerful trumpet laced production. “Submission” featuring Skyzoo & Sean Price has the trio going off on the simplistic yet addictive beat, but the standout is Skyzoo; who jumps into the track like a rapper dropping bars for a meal. In a welcomed change of pace, the normally stoic Chaundon actually shows a bit of emotion as he and Jean Grae go back and forth as an embattled husband and wife on “Gone.”

It is a shame that he cannot flex that range on any of the other songs. “Angie” and “HPNY” both feature somber production but he spits his verses with little sentiment; as if he was reading off a notebook. Also “Can I Live” is a cover of the popular Jay-Z track, but it comes off much uninspired.

All in all Carnage is a solid product from Chaundon; as it features the rapper spitting from different angles. Additionally, it is obvious he is a disciple of Big Daddy Kane and Guru school, which gives him a powerful presence behind the microphone. Hip-Hop heads will definitely appreciate this product as the beats, lyrics, and the excellent guest spots are more than enough to hold your music player down for a while.