Chemically Imbalanced

Artist: Ying Yang TwinsTitle: Chemically ImbalancedRating: 2 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Rodney Dugue

The Ying Yang Twins have lived, worked, and slept in the club for the past few years, specializing in crafting rambunctious four minute sex manuals. It's not just a party, but a bacchanalian worship of women's assets (and more "Dangerously," the effects of those assets). But problems arise when Kaine and D-Roc insist on staying in the club way after the venue has closed.

Chemically Imbalanced (TVT) is one big club, with floor-rattling beats and a scintillating menu of raw, over-cooked, orders of sex that have both brothers plagued with a sharp hunger, and if not for that, then for "Friday" and "Water," happenstances if you believe a tenth of their rhymes, but really just opportunities for some coital cuddling. "Family" is a complete misgiving, D-Roc maybe the worst example for any father and the best example why karma can be a stripper, "I got two daughters of my own/And they say I degrade women, but they degrade themselves." And here's the big but (um, no pun intended): "If you keep shaking your ass in the club/Ying Yang will show you love." Mr. Collipark gets in on the action, bringing his signature sweet bouncy, laser-sword synths to "Jackin' It Up" and "1st Booty on Duty," among others. As, the clothes become less of a defense, the words become skimpier and numbered; there are only so many ways you can say the same thing. The memo is clear: they want you to have fun (a lot of fun), by shaking your most prized possession, while they can watch and be entertained.

"Collard Greens" is a metaphor for something else that is green and not so legal. Consider it a confessional, PSA, and paean for "mary jane," all wrapped in one big blunt. The suggestively warped metaphors don't stop there, either, "Open" is not a sign that fits on the window, but a lewd directive for a female.

Even with the contributions of Wyclef and Jerry "Wonder" Duplessis Chemically Imbalanced is just one long sex scene in the back of their club; no rules, no limits and ultimately, no fun. Now who wants to see that? Ok, who wants to hear that? Exactly.