Christian Rapper Explains Jay-Z Diss

Bizzle. Before his Jay-Z diss “Some Explaining To Do,” the masses didn’t know nor care much about a Christian rapper named Bizzle. But, he quickly garnered the internet’s attention with the song that scathingly charged that Hip-Hop’s biggest star was “dissing Jesus” and “Satan’s soldier.” Bizzle even used his poetic license to out Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Beyonce. All of these allegations, Jay-Z has flatly denied in recent interviews, but the gossip and conspiracy theory persist. (Click here to read Jay-Z's explanation in "Jay-Z Denies Connection To The Illuminati, Distances Himself From Religion")

Bizzle issued a lengthy statement explaining his stance and reasons for his remarks, which were ironically set to Jay’s “Renegade.”

Well, it's been a couple of days and the Jay-Z record has done more than I ever expected it to. I've read hundreds and hundreds of comments and feel that I should provide some clarification. Below is the song and the interview follows, along with a poll for readers to "judge" for themselves.

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From Bizzle to you:

1. Why I did it? For a few reasons. To those who feel I did it for exposure; who am I? LOL! If you can't answer that, then I'm no good at advertising because I didn't even tell you the product or where you can go to find it. If I wanted exposure, I would have given out my myspace and twitter at the end. =) The truth is, I don't want to be famous, but after watching Christ be disrespected and learning about Jay-Z and a couple of others, I guess my emotions and Love for God got the best of me. I mean, most of you would defend your best friend if someone slandered their name, so I guess you can say Jesus is my best friend.

2. To those who have a problem with me using the N-Word; I apologize for any offense. But I did think it through before hand and decided to include it, because I'm not perfect and I use that word everyday. I felt it would be fake of me to leave it out of the record just so I could look like a better Christian. Being Christian doesn't mean I'm perfect. It just means I'm forgiven and I strive daily to be better and get closer to God.

3. Am I a Christian rapper or just a rapper that's Christian? I guess if there's a difference between the two, you would say I'm a rapper that's Christian. I'm not a Gospel rapper, though I am working on my music and moving in that direction. I'm sure you may hear some older records surface and maybe you should so that you can see how far I've come rather then seeing the word Christian and assuming where I should be.

4. Can Jay worship or believe in what he wants? Yes! This record is not about that. It's not a diss record. It's a "let you know the truth so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you still want to listen to him" record. LOL! It was for those people who heard the record and chose to delete him out of their ipods and jump off the boat when they found out what the destination was. I was also inspired by young singer/actress Tiffany Evans' heart to come out and make the statements she did about Satanism in the industry. It took a teenage girl to speak up when a lot of these so-called hard men in the game wouldn't.

One thing this song did that I didn't expect it to do, was let us know how far we are from Christ. I never expected to see so many "F God" and "F Jesus" comments. It hurt my stomach to read some of those. I'm sure a lot of us didn't know that so many of our peers felt that way. But never the less, God loves them all the same.

Once again, sorry If I offended some of you with the N-Word. I'll work on that. I may be a little rough around the edges but my heart was definitely in the right place. I appreciate all of the love. To my fellow Christians, in no way did I intend to set a bad example for the Kingdom. But people need to see that we too have flaws and that God will accept you with them. Love yall, and God Bless!!!

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