Common & Q-Tip: 2K Sports Bounce Tour, New York City—07.07.2007

Only one word can describe Common's NYC show the of evening Sunday, October 7 at Nokia

Theater...FIYA!!! The energy packed showed only helped ignite the

already hot crowd. Fans of Hip-Hop from all ages and numerous races

were in attendance to give Common their undivided attention. 

The opening rap act was 19 year veteran Percee P. However, P's lyrics were inaudible, though he was able to keep the cowd slightly

enthused thanks to the help of his DJ.

At about 9:30, the living legend Q-Tip, one of the founding members of A Tribe Called Quest

came out in his NY Yankees fitted with blazer and vest with his back to

the crowd with one finger in the air. He came on with his newest single,

very rock induced with deep bass. Tips' DJ for the night was the

legendary DJ Scratch of EPMD fame. Tip took it back when he rhymed

over "Paid in Full" and both he and Scratch took turns

scratching on the turntables. His entire set was a mixture of his old

tracks as well a few of his new singles, interpolated with some old school tracks. Just when the crowd was picking it up after going

low for engine #9 (Black Sheep "Choice Is Yours", but you knew that), Dres

from Black Sheep erupts onto the stage making the crowd go crazy. Just

when we thought Tip was done and leaving the stage he hits us with

"Bonita Applebum" followed by "Electric Relaxation." Tip's

performance left the crowd fulfilled and eager for Common.

Common ran onto the stage to a very anxious crowd at 11:08 pm to

be exact. He dapped his band and DJ up one by one as they were playing

the intro to Finding Forever. And from there it was on. He

started out with "Go" and for a second you would have thought the floor was going to

cave in because folks were rocking so hard. Common has recently

stepped into the acting game and he showed us his newly developed

skills as he acted out the courtroom scene to "Testify". From there he

took us on a Hip-Hop anthology and did some lyrics from

was all a dream, Biz got what I need, Eazy E....I'm from

Compton. The entire time he was doing the various artist lyrics he

would go from one rhyme to the next saying Hip-Hop...Hip-Hop...Hip-Hop; letting us know that Hip-Hop is indeed still alive and he's

carrying the torch. To everyone's surprise and glee DJ Dummy, Common's DJ,

starts spinning BDP's "South Bronx" and BOOM....KRS-One jumps on the

stage and the crowd literally screams; girls and boys included. But there's more, just

when you thought it can't get any better Q-Tip comes back on and they all

take turns freestyling. KRS One gave Common a very hefty moniker during one of his

flows, calling him the "King of NY," for that night.

Common rounded out the evening paying homage to the late great producer

J. Dilla by rhyming over some of his Slum Village beats and and ended the night with "The Light." Claiming that's what J. Dilla

was....a shining light in Hip-Hop who will live on Forever.

The evening's attendees saw prolific lyricists

who breathe, eat and sleep Hip-Hop and let the masses know that the culture is more than spewing gratuitous lyrics about money, hoes

and clothes. Life, love, unity and peace have their place too, and the 2K Sports Bounce Tour helped us find forever in Hip-Hop.