AllHipHop Staff

Lily Allen

Roseland Ballroom, NYC

April 20th, 2009

“Everyone’s on it…” coos Lily Allen - and while this concert opening song refers to the consumption of drugs, in watching Allen jump around in her short neck-bob, oversized shirt, black tights, and high-tops “it” becomes a daily regimen of gossip.

It’s a sold out show at Roseland Ballroom in NYC, and Lily Allen is headlining the night. Every square inch of Roseland is covered by people who watch in awe. With the main focus of the show on her new material, the paparazzi darling was able to rock-out to the synths that cover her sophomore effort “It’s Not Me, It’s You.”

Lily is polite, sweet and demure through out the show- counting her lighting of a cigarette and the throwing of an empty plastic red cup to an audience member. The term cute as a button really does come to mind as she even sheds light on her songs – “Chinese” is about missing her mother while she’s away.

The set list included the Mark Ronson collaboration “Oh My God” of his album “Version.” While her voice is small she carries her material with the grace of a true performer, almost a direct stab at the competition that once spewed between her and another English singer-songwriter that shall remain high and undisclosed.

Lily set the stage for her big encore by doing an impromptu dance-a-tron to the tune of Kid Cudi's "Day N Nite." Further proving her chops for pure pop, Allen closed the show with an already famous cover (thanks to Lily’s frenemy: the Internet) of Britney Spears' “Womanizer.”

Already an international paparazzi subject, her stint at Roseland Ballroom in NYC was a reminder why she’s even in the headlines – bloggers write about her while they listen to her music.