Concert Review: Passion Pain and Pleasure Tour

Friday August 13th- Atlanta residents are preparing for the biggest show of

the summer. It's day 5 of the The Passion Pain and Pleasure Tour and the next

stop is The Historic Fox Theater. Traffic is thick and excitement is in the

atmosphere. Inside the “Opera House” where more than 4,600 hundred people eager to

indulge in this sold out event. The theater quickly reached its capacity and

became saturated with gorgeous women, courting couples, celebrities, and R&B


The show began with So So Def recording artist Dondria, who recently started

her singing career on a YouTube channel. Now, the neo vocalist is on a

nationwide tour with music professionals Trey Songz and Monica. Dondria sang to

the audience with hunger and purity. Her popular single “Your The One”

captivated the audience and brought the attendees to their feet.

The mood matured as the second set of the show approached. Monica, Atlanta's

own, was glamorous and bedazzled with diamonds and elegantly attired. Monica was

overflowing with joy to be performing in her hometown. The songstress satisfied

fans with her romantic melodies and classic tracks that created a nostalgic

impression. Monica began with “Still Standing” and continued with songs that

pioneered her career like “Why I Love You So Much” and “You Should Have Known Better.” As the show progressed, Monica illustrated to her fans how an infamous

entertainer influenced her to initialize her own pursuit in the music industry.

Monica described Whitney Houston as an inspiration and performed a soulful

version of “I Have Nothing.” Monica's performance was pure excellence!

As scattered fans return from the intermission, Trey's band struck the first

chord. The suspense was elevated and the everyone was anxious to see the main

event. A translucent curtain hung from the stage as the letter “P” was projected

and illuminated, while rotating. The crowd was ecstatic when Trey Songz appeared

only as a silhouette behind the brilliant display. The curtain dropped and the

headliner was was revealed. Fanatics were hysterical, but Trey wastes no time;

he begins the show with “I Need A Girl.”The ladies were desperately devoted to

Trey as they all stood to salute him without thinking to take a seat. Trey

continued to please the audience by performing several hits from previous albums

such as “Last Time” and “I Can't Help But Wait.”

Trey Songz branded his album with precision; Passion Pain and Pleasure was

the theme of the night. The mood intensified when Trey vocally perfected

“Neighbors Know My Name.” This set was a visual reenactment of the music video

with red and orange fire-like beams of light. Trey encouraged fans to rest their

feet as he serenaded listeners with a few songs from the Passion Pain and

Pleasure album (scheduled to be released September 14th, 2010) including, “Love

Faces” and “Massage.” At the end of “Massage,” Trey involved the crowd as he

chose a lady from the audience to experience a personal neck and back rub from

“Mr. Steal Ya Gurl” himself. The first lady to indulge in a massage was none

other than platinum recording artist Ciara. She blushed and giggled as Trey

began caressing her while whispering innuendos in her ear. Ciara's reluctant

demeanor insisted that Trey choose another sexy Songz' addict to receive his

royal treatment.

Trey payed tribute to Al Green by performing “Let's Stay Together” and rapped

up the show on a high note with his latest single “Bottoms Up” and everyone's

favorite “Say Ahh.” The P3 Tour is Trey Songz first headlining experience and is

off to a great start!