Crooked I: Answers The Ill Community

Crooked I took some time out of his busy schedule

to answer some questions from AllHipHop's Ill Community. Peep it...

Allhiphop: SweetCheeba

asked; do you get tired of people asking you about your relationship with Suge?

CI: Not really ‘cause I know people want

to know what’s up with that and I’m always happy to let them know

that I got a great deal, I’m getting paid in my contract. That kind of

balances out some but not all, it kind of sheds some

light on a situation that was always looked down upon. Like people over hear

getting slapped and sh*t, I’m not getting slapped homie. I like to speak

on that, him and me have a good relationship, and I think people should

understand that Suge has great relationships with his artists.

Allhiphop: Lefty

wanted to know if you feel the relationship with Murder Inc. is a good thing

considering Murder Inc. does more pop oriented Hip Hop?

CI: I do, people ask me why Murder Inc. I think

that’s a great relationship, you got two black men on independent labels.

Anytime you can connect that anyway I’m going to have all love for it.

I’m not trippin’ off what kind of

music they make or we make. I’m trippin’ off the big picture, two

young black men that’s successful that are not beefing, that’s good

enough for me.

Allhiphop: MonkeyBlood

said he saw you and Chino free styling on Rap City, any chance on you two doing

a collaboration in the future?

CI: I would like that ‘cause they had the

little Chino and Pac beef, I think that beef wasn’t really what it was

supposed to be. Dude said something that Pac didn’t like but I don’t

think he meant no harm so that would be a cool

collaboration. Dealing with Sway and Tech we’ve crossed paths a lot so

I know the cat and that’s a very possible thing that could happen.

Allhiphop: A-1M_C

wanted to know if you did any tracks with Left Eye before she died?

CI: Yeah, I did a couple with her and I even

wrote for her. She is definitely missed, that’s what I can say about that.

Allhiphop: Indiana812

wants to know who’s on the Row right now?

CI: We got Eastwood, Spider, Danny Boy, Kurupt,

Virginia Slim, Gail Gotti, and we got producers Jim Gettum, Darron Vegas and

Monster O and you know we got the bad guy.

Allhiphop: If you were stuck on an island and

you had to pick one CD, what would it be?

CI: Wow, I would have to go with probably “Americas

Most Wanted” that’s a tough one, ‘cause I would love to go with

Marly Marl “ In Control Vol.1”

Allhiphop: When was the last time you battled

an MC?

CI: A couple of months ago, I really don’t

battle like that no more. A couple months ago a cat came down from New York,

He was Suge’s people. He was like I want to test your boy out so we did

our thing live in the studio. I did eat

that cat up, just to put it out there. Na, I’m joking.