CyHi The Prynce: G.O.O.D. Music's Second Coming Part 2

Continued from "CyHi The Prynce G.O.O.D. Music's Second Coming Part 1" CyHi The Prynce: I felt

like this is my take over and I feel like Kanye is the King. I feel

like you may be in bondage from the other rappers that you hear, but

now freedom is about to ring, you’re about to be set free. I’m about

to take over the rap world, that’s what I’m here to do. With that

song I let people know. I’m one of the strongest lyricist from my

city and in hip hop, but nobody ever knew it so now they get a chance

to hear the real. I’m off the shackles now. With that song I let the

real king be featured in one of my verses. No disrespect to the

other kings out there but I had to come with the true king to get my

point across. So tell me if the release of Royal Flush is meeting your expectations? 

CyHi The Prynce: Absolutely,

It’s over exceeding my expectations actually. I have to give

a lot of credit to Kanye because he let the world know that I am a great

artist so now everyone is more attentive. Now all of the clever and

little witty things that I might say that use to go over some people’s

head are catching them dead in their tracks. I love the mixtape,

it’s everything that I wanted it to be even down to the pictures and

graphics. Tell

me the most truthful song that you’ve ever penned and why was it important

to make a record on that particular item? 

CyHi The Prynce:

A lot of the songs are super real. For example “Can’t Find

Love” is definitely a real life situation for me. All my songs

are actual things that I have either went through, or thought about

at some point in time. I don’t do no lying! Everything I talk

about is meaningful on some level. The song “Hear Me Out” that was

about a time in my life where I was facing a lot. I had just lost my

sister and my nephew and a few close friends. I had a girl that I really

liked but we just didn’t work out and that kind of hurt my feelings

as well. I’m

told that you haven’t had a girlfriend in about seven years. Why?

I mean I know you get plenty of women so what’s been missing? 

CyHi The Prynce: It’s nothing to do with the women that I’ve been meeting. I grew up with three sisters plus my mother and I just respect women so much. I understand that commitment and marriage are nothing to play with. I have way more respect for a woman than she probably could ever think that I do. Girls get mad at me like “you’re not supposed to tell me that you’re with another girl” but I’m like listen if I was to lie to you, it would hurt you more. I’m not into the lying and cheating bulls**t. Plus I want to marry my best friend meaning that the women I settle down with will have to know everything about me and I want to know everything about her. I’m not the whole girlfriend/boyfriend type either you’re my fiancé, wife, or we’re just friends. So we’re

going to walk thru the signing with Kanye. Tell me how you first learned

that Ye had interest in signing you? 

CyHi The Prynce: NoID called and he was telling Greg Street that Kanye wanted to talk to me and that he wanted to do something with me. Due to the blogs and everything the word was growing on me. L.A. Reid was actually about to go to Hawaii to meet Kanye so sent my homeboy Boo down there. When I went to meet him Kanye was rapping and quoting my lyrics so I was just excited because he liked where I was going with everything. When I was in New York for the XXL shoot that the deal was going to be official. Tell

me a little about the new album? Guest Appearances, special features?

CyHi The Prynce: I don’t

even know what my album will be like at this point because Kanye has

opened up so many doors for me so far. It’s just hard to say right

now because I just have access to so many people from Lady GaGa to John

Legend. Right now I’m just piecing everything together slowly but

surely. How were able to be apart of this years BET Hip-Hop Awards how was that experience for you?

CyHi The Prynce: It

was crazy because just last year I was like man I want to be in the

cipher and this year. When it came around I knew Chaka so I was like

man can you try to get me on but he was like we’ve already picked

the list. I felt like oh no and was instantly hurt. Later on that night

I got a call from my manager and he was like we’ve got to fly to New

York cause you’re doing the cipher with Kanye. I couldn’t believe

it I was so excited. I tell you man God works in mysterious ways.

G.O.O.D. Music Cipher At BET Hip-Hop Awards You

actually performed at the Fool’s Gold event in Brooklyn Bowl and Kanye

came out to perform “I’m So Appalled.” What do you think you will

always remember about that show in particular? 

CyHi The Prynce: Well

first that was my first time being on stage with Kanye. You know

what’s crazy my first show in New York was in Brooklyn and the crowd

booed me. But this time they were cheering so loud for me. It’s been

on hell of a journey. It was a once and a lifetime experience

that even now still has me speechless. It was the biggest highlight

of my life.