D'Angelo Delivers Lecture at "A Conversation With D'Angelo"

Neo-soul, R&B, and funk icon D’Angelo recently gave a lengthy interview to documentarian Nelson George as a part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival in New York at the Brooklyn Museum. George also featured D'Angelo in his documentary "Finding The Funk" earlier this year. D'Angelo is known as a musical genius and one of the best artists and musicians of our time, especially for R&B and soul. D'Angelo is also an amazing instrumentalist on the piano and guitar. His voice is an instrument itself as his range spans 5 octaves and his vocals and music showcase melodious chords and runs. Brown Sugar and Voodoo were pivotal albums in the neo-soul movement. There were plenty of jewels in this interview such as how D'Angelo's first experience at the Apollo nearly ended in disaster. D'Angelo shared that he likes going “deep into the onion” when recording, and Mtume gave him a much needed confidence boost at a critical moment. Viewers also learn that D'Angelo met Quest Love on a show where Goodie Mob, The Fugees, and The Roots were playing. In the lecture spanning nearly 90 minutes, the torchbearer of R&B soul opened up in a way that fans have rarely seen him do before. Check out the full lecture video below.

Also check out Nelson George's "Finding The Funk" documentary below.

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