D.I.T.C.: The Dynasty Remains Pt. 1

Every sports fan sits around and talks about those super teams. Once in a great while, the right group of players,…

Every sports fan sits around and talks about

those super teams. Once in a great while, the right group of players, create

the right chemistry, and make history. They play a certain way, carry a certain

reputation and attitude, all for the better. If Hip-Hop has a super-team of

today, it's Diggin' in the Crates hands down.

The name is synonymous with great producers.

The classic formula for making a hissing and popping vinyl artifact come alive

in your headphones, the whip, and even the good old boom-box on the porch. Beyond

that, Diggin' in the Crates stands for great MC's. The MC's who rhymed like

they had something to prove everybody, but didn't owe nobody a god damn thing.

D.I.T.C. as they're known to many, is as legendary

as it gets. But anybody whose seen them in action knows that this clique rolls

thick. On a momentously rare occasion, AllHipHop caught up with the Diggin'

in the Crates crew at their first official gathering in several years. While

not all members were present, we were blessed with a treasure chest of jewels

from Lord Finesse, O.C., A.G., and Diamond.

A new album is in the works, and an event on February 19, that's will surely

be a must see. Plus get some classic look backs on these icons in their individual

careers and personal techniques. Those great sports dynasties have mostly all

died off and been dismantled. This dynasty is still playing, undefeated. Peep


AllHipHop: It was '97 - '98 when you guys recorded

the last LP. This time, you in particular (O.C.), are at a whole new level with

your game. It's full cycle back to the debut hunger, I'm wondering what kind

of contribution you're offering to this LP.

O.C.: Well I mean, I'm basically back to havin'

fun with it. That's the discussions right now about the record. The money and

everything, I mean - it's cool. But if we ain't having fun with it, it's not

gonna be a great record. It's not gonna pull the best out of me, Ness, A, and

Diamond. I'm not even looking forward to anything else but having fun with it.

AllHipHop: Any changes to your style?

A.G.: Not really. Of course, since the last time,

I've grown and evolved. But I wouldn't say that I'm thinkin' different. I wanna

give it the best I got.

AllHipHop: How does Diggin' in the Crates divvy

up the production duties?

Lord Finesse: When we doing production, it's

basically everybody just brings loops of beats to the table. And we try to decide

from that aspect.

AllHipHop: So on the back of the LP, when it

says "produced by Lord Finesse" or whatever, that's really everybody


Lord Finesse: Yeah, but the last couple of projects

have just been straight beats. So this time around, we're trying to start from

scratch. What can we do to change the game? So this time, it'll be more of a

joint discussion. I mean, they always joint discussions. But we going from ingredients

now. Flour, and sugar, and milk, and whatever. We making a strong, incredible,

foundation from the beginning to the end.

AllHipHop: Diamond, will you be taking more of

a role in the production process on this album?

Diamond: It's too early to say. We haven't even

started recorded yet. Probably, I will.

AllHipHop: Is Fat Joe, Showbiz and Buckwild part

of this?

O.C.: Everybody - Joe, Buck, Show is gonna be

involved with it. But at this moment, it's in the early stages, it's more like

discussions right now. So right now it's me, Diamond, A, and Ness, 'cuz we basically

the MC's. We basically discussin' how we gonna put it together without it soundin'

like it's forced. We ain't tryin' to fit into a genre of music that everybody

else doin', we do what we do.

AllHipHop: On a night like tonight, where three

or four of you guys are vibin', what exactly goes on in a discussion or meeting?

How do you organize that? How do you build?

O.C.: On some real shit, it's simple man. Right

now A and Ness is playing NBA 2004. I'm sitting here reading a magazine. This

is how we build. Ain't no special formula or nothing like that, we just get

together and talk like grown men supposed to talk.

AllHipHop: Finesse, you jumped this reunion off.

What was it inside yourself that told you that you needed to do this?

Lord Finesse: Well, I hear from the fans. [They

always asking] about Diggin' in the Crates. We had a great thing, but it happened

so quick. That's what the whole thing is about is the motivation from the fans

makes you do what you do.

Catch the entire D.I.T.C crew celebrating

Lord Finesse's birthday. Hosted by The Wake Up Show/MTV Host Sway! At S.O.B.s in Manhattan, February 19. Part of AllHipHop.com and Sob's Plain Rap series.

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