Da Muzicianz

Artist: Da MuzicianzTitle: Da MuzicianzRating: 3 StarsReviewed by: AJ Fresh

Embracing "Snap" and "Crunk" is the hardest thing to bear for hardheaded "true Hip-Hop" fans venturing out of East Coast rap confines. However, the latest release from Da Muzicianz, Da Muzicianz (TVT Records), is a commendable effort that might help smooth the transition for Hip-Hop traditionalist to enjoy this relatively new sector of rap music. Da Muzicianz includes D-Roc from the Ying Yang Twins, you know the one that makes that very annoying nasal sound ("Hanh!") reminiscent of a duck quack, and his younger brothers, Mr. Ball and Da Birthday Boy.

The three started the group from their love for southern Hip-Hop and it's obvious on tracks like "Camera Phone" and booty shaking (yes, booty shaking) songs such as "On Me" that their obsession will be reach the clubs. From "On Me", which has a monotonous yet catchy chorus despite it's vulgarity ("You're all on me, I'm all on you, I like that freaky sh*t we do.") to the syncopated bass beats of "Get Yern", "Strip Leader" and "Girate", the fun is back into the music but one could be offended by the misogynistic lyrics prevalent throughout the CD. But, if you ain't a ho, then it shouldn't bother you. With sounds reminiscent of Bass Music trendsetters 2 Live Crew, super producer Mr. Collipark (Ying Yang Twins, Young Jeezy, Twista), who executive produces, has really continued the Southern Hip Hop Music movement in an upbeat and clearly lively manner. Da Muzicianz are a rap group that wants to bring the entertainment and dance back into the music instead of the pistol whipping, shoot 'em up, "I'm a kill ya mama" type lyrics that at this point many fans are probably sick of and can care less about how many times someone got shot or the bid they’re doing.

Da Muzicianz is filled with the traditional crunk bass sound that is continuing to keep Atlanta on the map, mixed in with extravagantly rich dance tracks that motivate you to move. This album is a lively mix of Southern style that any music enthusiast, even the hardest Hip-Hoppin' New Yorker will enjoy. Many thanks to D-Roc, Mr. Ball and Da Birthday Boy for lightening up the rap music game and making it fun to dance and appreciate some good ole entertainment.