Dame Dash: Dame Dash Knows Pt. 2

AllHipHop: Do you really want to get out the

grind? You seem like the ultimate businessman.

DD: Honestly? I'de rather party. I'de rather

laugh then yell, but things have to be taken care of at this particular point

in time. Everything I do is a direct vision that comes directly from my heart

and soul. There is just no one else that can do it because no one else knows

what I am thinking. Hopefully I can pass it off to my son or someone around

him, so I can go and relax a little bit. Other than that, I’m not complaining

because it's fun. I get to actually make money having fun. When I wasn’t

as successful, I had a good time doing it. I’ve been able to laugh and

get to work and laugh as well for my whole life. Besides the obvious tragedies,

my whole life has been a party.

AllHipHop: What do you and your son do when yall

workout together?

DD: Box. If I box then he will be boxing and

he gives a hundred and ten percent because I am around and hopefully when I

am not around.

AllHipHop: Does he spar with other kids or you?

DD: He spars with little grown men, but if somebody

gets too cute with him I step in.

AllHipHop: Do you plan to have more kids?

DD: I wouldn’t mind, but its not easy having

kids, it’s a 110 percent responsibility, If I get with the right girl.

I would like to be married the next time and have kids.

AllHipHop: So are you ready to settle down?

DD: I’m ready for whatever, whatever happens,

happens. I don’t look for it and it’s not heavy on my priority list.

I just went through something recently with Aaliyah . That sh*t hurt, so obviously

I am going to have some apprehension about jumping into a relationship or exposing

myself to that kind of pain again.

AllHipHop: A lot of people seem to get the impression

that after Aaliyah passed you was still feeling the pain, but some of the perception

was that you were right back to business as usual.

DD: Yea a lot of people depend on me and I have

to lead by example so my work helped me through that. I have to definitely show

my strength. I got right back into my life. Eventually I would have had to anyway

so I decided to dive right into it. I have different ways and beliefs than most

people. That’s what got me through it regardless to what I went through.

I just dealt with it. I had to go to work. People were trying to take advantage

of what they thought was a weak moment for me.

AllHipHop: How so?

DD: Certain business deal and things like that.

People would try to get over. A lot you would be surprised at how f*cked up

people are. Before she was buried I had to go back to work. I went to a couple

of therapists. The first couple of days I could not move. Once I got my strength

together, it was all about my faith.

AllHipHop: I noticed that you have a hand on

your arm.

DD: Yeah, that’s my son’s. I think

there’s a lot of opportunities for people to get money if they focus. I’m

noticing a lot of people have lack of focus, so my job right now to some degree

is to motivate the culture. If you cant get money now with all the doors that’s

open, not just in the music business but in the television business, it's your

fault. There’s just so many ways to make money it’s not going to be

anybody’s excuse but your own. I talk a lot of sh*t just to get people

motivated. If people get angry instead of motivated then that’s a poor

excuse not to work. I didn’t do nothing that no one else can’t do.

I got my GED, my mother definitely put me in a situation where I learned how

to read and write. I think everybody can learn to read and write it’s just

about effort.. If you leave any money on the table and I’m aware of it,

I’m going to get it. I’m on a paper chase I’m not going to stop

until I have 1 billion after taxes. Then maybe I’ll slowdown a little bit.

AllHipHop: What does Jay’s retirement mean

to Roc-A-Fella?

DD: It means I don’t have to be calling his office all the time to get

features on other Roc-A-fella artists albums.