David Banner Talks His Role In Entertainment & Politics, New Album, Music Conferences & More!


Video by J. Wright (@WhoisJwright)

REVOLT TV kicked off the first day of the second annual 2015 REVOLT Music Conference (RMC) in a major way at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. Themed, “The Merging of Music, Technology and Innovation, “ the 2015 RMC allowed attendees to personally interact with leaders from both the music and technology industry, gain insight and knowledge from industry trailblazers, and enjoy exclusive musical performances. One of the panels featured on Day 1 was the "Entertainment and Politics: Social Revolution" Panel featuring moderator Omar Dubois, David Banner, Keon Hardemon, and Tef Poe. AllHipHop caught up with David Banner to discuss his role in entertainment and politics, the importance of conferences like the REVOLT Music Conference, his forthcoming album 'The God Box,' and more.

Banner expressed that it's important to have conferences because of the opportunity of getting to network. He wants people to network with a purpose and have constant dialogue. He stated that the problem after conferences sometimes is that people don't keep in contact, take action, and do the work.

"It takes something as big as Revolt to bring everyone together because people are so consumed with their daily grind."

When asked about the importance of artists using their voices and platforms to bring awareness to social injustice and movements, Banner stated,

"That's what I've always done. There's all this talk about the rebel flag but if you remember my first album, 'Mississippi- The Album,' Rolling Stone quoted this, I'm from a place where a flag means more than me. It's the people who only wanted to concentrate on "Like A Pimp" and "Play." But I've always been saying the same things. I was just drunk and oversexed. Now that I have balance and social media, people have the opportunity to see that I live that everyday."

He also thanked us for supporting his speaking circuit and journey.

"I would like to thank AllHipHop because #AllHipHop has always been a part of me. It's funny because we've grown together. AllHipHop went to a lot of the colleges when I was speaking at the Ivy League colleges!"

Check out our interview with David Banner below! Ladies also get ready for David's forthcoming press release that will show off what's underneath his shirt!