DAX Talks Touring, His Controversial "Dear God" Visual and More!


DAX speaks about his "Dear God" visual and his US and Canadian tours!!!

Photo Credit: Nathan James

Amidst his first headlining tour across the US and with a Canadian tour on the horizon, rapper DAX spoke to AllHipHop about his come up and some of the content that he's been releasing over the past few months. After earning his stripes on a 57-city tour with Tech N9ne DAX is no stranger to the road, but this tour is different. This upcoming tour is a Canadian tour, so its a homecoming tour of sorts, as the Ottawa rapper will touch down in his home town for the first time in a year.

But while touring has built a name for DAX, he is also known for being fearless when it comes to his music videos. Specifically his “Dear God” visual raised eyebrows, but since its release DAX has garnered over 13 million plays and over 60 thousand comments. Reenacting the crucifixion of Christ is always controversial, but DAX took things to another level rapping to God and asking questions that many people wonder. Albeit with some criticism from others, the video was a huge success for DAX.

Check it out as we talk to DAX about it all here below:

AllHipHop: How does it feel to have your first U.S. headlining tour behind you, and how did it go?

DAX: It feels great. Doing your first headline tour is scary because you’re not really sure of people are going to actually show up to come and see you. It ended up going great. Got the chance to learn that people really want to see my live. I’m excited for the next one!

AllHipHop: You called that tour, “It’s Different Now”, what was the meaning behind that?

DAX: It was the name of my first EP it just signifies that things in my life are different now and I’m on the path I was born to be on.

AllHipHop: How did the 57-city tour with Techn9ne prepare you to head up your own?

DAX: It taught me how I want things to be ran. That tour was super efficient with little error. That’s how I want mine to always be. Strict, to the point. The only wild part should be the PERFORMANCE. Longevity and efficiency!

**AllHipHop:**You are about to do a 16-city tour of Canada, is this also your first in the homeland?

DAX: Yes this is my first CANADA tour!

AllHipHop: When were you last home in Ottawa?

DAX: Last year I actually did 1 show in Gatineau.

AllHipHop: Your “Dear God” video can officially be considered viral with almost 12M views, how does that feel?

DAX: It feels great that people can relate. I still believe there is a lot more to come for that song and video I’m the future.

AllHipHop: I noticed it also got 60K comments. What kind of feedback meant the most to you?

DAX: People saying they could relate and that it changed there lives and how they viewed things meant the most to me.

AllHipHop: Your subscriber base on YouTube and Spotify is impressive for having only 3 years in the game. What do you attribute that kind of following to?

DAX: Constantly communicating with the ppl who communicate with me and being interactive along with making some of the best shit out.

AllHipHop: You recently released “Self Proclaimed 3”. What inspires you to encourage people to co-sign themselves?

DAX: What inspires me to encourage that it the hatred for medicos and being average. We all have a choice. Control what you can control and stop worrying about outside forces. Life is your own challenge... no one else’s.

AllHipHop: Planning any recording sessions while you are back home? Any Canadian rappers you are interested in collabing with?

DAX: Haven’t got anything planned just been writing getting ready. Everything coming out is already completed and ye there’s a bunch of dope artists in Canada I’d collab with.

AllHipHop: Can we expect a full project from you any time soon, and if so, what can fans expect from that?

DAX: I plan to drop an EP in 2020 and they can expect some of the most fire rap content and visuals EVER!

AllHipHop: Anything you want readers not familiar with you to know?

DAX: My favorite food is rice and I’m left handed.