DC Young Fly: The Comedian Who Is Ready For Rap Beef

DC Young Fly talks about his career, "Wild 'N Out," and rap beef.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

Who knew DC Young Fly could rap? Forever entertaining the masses, whether its through his comedy standup, hosting gigs, or appearances on Wild N Out, the Atlanta native has grown to be more than just a public figure. Hes a walking success story.

While most people may have their hands full with the rap thing, real name John Whitfield proves he can do it all. Hes not just one of those Instagram influencers who happen to pick up music. DC uses music to express himself and prove that the sky really is the limit when it comes to pursuing your dreams.

AllHipHop caught up with DC Young Fly in the two days he had in Los Angeles, in between a slew of interviews, phone calls, and auditions.

AllHipHop: Talk about your most recent project, Curb Music, and how long it took you.

DC Young Fly: It didnt take too long, I was in the zone. I felt like I just had so much to say. I felt like I was still on my street shit. I felt like I had to talk to them for a minute.

AllHipHop: Was the efforts to restart the Friday series ever serious?

DC Young Fly: I don't know man, you know. I dont know. I keep hearing about it. The demand for it is crazy. I just got to keep working until that phone call. I think I seen an interview with John Witherspoon about it. Somebody said something about it. Cube! (Ice Cube) I hope so man, I hope so.

AllHipHop: Youve spit a bit with Nick and the battle rappers. Where do you fit into that part of "Wild'n Out?"

DC Young Fly: Man, Im that young brother that kind of was off the streets and they were like, Look man, you need to come do this. Im like the young, wild, knucklehead thats ready to do whatever for the squad. As a collective, everybody brings their itch and their power moves, but Im like the young brother that wants everybody to win. Im like Look, you all go ahead. Go handle your business, I got your back.

Whatever comes back here, you're going to see me. Im whoopin 8 n##gas ass at the same time, you feel me? I want to be the guy in the background that's whoopin ass, because I was the guy in the forefront that handles their business. Now it's like 'Wild NOut,' Im part of a brotherhood, and the culture.

Now, I get to maneuver around the 'Wild N Out' scene and get to play with it. 'Wild N Out' played a big part of my career, and I played a big part of 'Wild N Outs' career.

AllHipHop: In your stand up, you have a serious moment where you talk about how your life changed after being involved in criminal activities. How would you have handled rap beef? Is that better that comic beef?

DC Young Fly: That rap beef s##t funny. It's funny, until people get touched if you really mean what you say on wax. Are we going to keep it on music level? Like we gon see who spit the hardest? Or if you keep talking s##t, this is what Ill do it you type s##t? Or this is what you said you're going to do to me when you see me? You see what I'm saying?

Im different. I want to know if those words are real or if were just keeping it on wax. Now if we're keeping it on wax, I like rap beef. Lets see who raps the best. I'm with that! Now, if youre saying this is what you're going to do when you see me, then thats what you're going to have to do when you see me.

Because Im going to make sure you do that, you dig what Im saying? That's just how I am. I have a lot to live for, so if youre saying youre going to harm me, I want to see what you're about when I see you.

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im sorry im not a fan of his music, and i dont find him funny on wildn out, hes annoying