Dead Rising 2: XBOX 360 Review

Developer / Publisher: CapcomPlatform: XBOX 360Players: 2-16 (Multiplayer)Rating: 8 out of 10When it comes to zombie themed games it seems Capcom holds the undisputed belt with their indelible Resident Evil series. In 2006 Dead Rising took things to another level with its insane amounts of zombie genocide. Even with some noticeable faults, Dead Rising went on to garner a serious cult following. Now four years later, Capcom ups the ante on the mayhem with Dead Rising 2 (Capcom). While this sequel isn’t perfect, it does makes for a good time while plowing down the undead.Five years after the events of the original, former motocross star Chuck Greene takes part in the “Terror Is Reality”. This gruesome reality game show dares contestants to survive amongst zombies. While his time there, there is a zombie outbreak and must fight off the undead for the next three days while trying to save his little daughter from zombification.As far presentation, Dead Rising 2 is an improvement from its predecessor but isn’t perfect. The graphics are good but not great. The animation is smooth but wsome of the cut scenes leave more to be desired. Additionally the frame rate is sometimes choppy; but for the ridiculous amount of bodies this games shoves into play at any given moment, that’s pretty much an afterthought.Where this title really shines is in the game play. Your character has seventy-two hours to survive in a mall full of zombies before the military can reach your location. In that time you have to keep your daughter and other civilians alive.The missions are pretty straightforward and some are timed depending on what needs to be done or who you have to save. You can run through the game just completing the main story goals and avoiding the side jobs and mini games. One thing that will most likely keep players distracted is the option to dress Chuck in whatever you find in the mall. From funny hats to foul looking swimwear, the fashion scheming is priceless.Fighting your way through the game will gain you experience points that will power your player up subsequently making him faster, stronger and earn him new attack combos. As before you can pick up any item throughout the mall to bash anyone in your way, the difference this time is the new kick-ass ability to combine two weapons into one. Ever wanted to wreak havoc using kayak paddle with matching chainsaws attached to ends? Duct tape a grenade to a football and throw it into a crowd? Then this is the game for you.While spilling zombie blood is great, there are some nuances that come with it. The layout of the mall is huge and it makes it painful to run back and forth manually with no teleporting options. The new multiplayer feature doesn’t really add any depth either. The co-op feature lets you team up with another player to go at it on the story mode but your helper is just a Chuck clone. Additionally the online multiplayer mode of mowing down zombies for points gets tired quickly.Nuances aside Dead Rising 2 is still pretty fun. The mayhem you can cause overrides the average presentation and will demand multiple replays. Happy bludgeoning.