"Deadpool" Is A Dead Ringer For Success

If you think that it is mysterious that you haven’t heard anything bad about “Deadpool”, there’s nothing more to be said about it except that the movie is just that good in it’s own very special potty mouthed way. As a counterculture masterpiece, it works studiously well in spite of what most would call the handicap of your typical Hollywood Studio cache in assumed star power. To that measure, even though it stars current “People" Magazine’s Sexiest Dad Alive, Ryan Reynolds, it immediately trashes the concept of such traditional labels in a title sequence that is as insulting as it is hilarious. In this way, when it comes to breaking just about every classic story telling rule about three or four times in the telling and then some, “Deadpool” is some kind of wonderful in it’s refusal to be just another MARVEL franchise blockbuster, or any studio head’s cinematic bitch. Ironically, this is what makes the film such a crossover success.

It’s hard to classify “Deadpool” as it really goes that extra mile in regards to being beholden to no audience, but yet just about everyone’s cup of tea (with the exception of children – just the language itself let alone what is being described is a hard R rating). Full of characters that are diverse in age, creed and general world view, Ryan Reynolds must be seriously applauded for being the diligent Hollywood insider with enough juice and patience (eleven years, to be exact) to get this unlikely picture green lit by a major studio - and the extra love and attention to detail shows. In an exhilarating mix of turbo charged superhero worthy action, as well as a love story that is equally bad to the bone, with a special affinity for songs of the late 80’s (insert WHAM and Salt-N-Pepa here) this film just keeps building as a sustained ride that is quite simply too legit to quit. Deadpool’s love interest, Copycat, played by the luminously gorgeous but deliciously tough Morena Baccarin is an unbelievable Sophia Loren type find who can deliver the soft along with the tough right in step with Reynolds’ signature whip fast repartee and snark. Secondary stories, such as the trials of tribulations of Deadpool’s taxi driver Dopinder, played to much amusement by Karan Soni, serves as a great foil to Deadpool’s quest of the heart and unique search for what only a character like Deadpool could classify as a suitable “Love, American Style” happy ending.

Another thing that is very fun about this movie is that unlike most Marvel hero introductory films, because of the adroit elasticity with which the timeline for the film has been constructed, we get to start out with Deadpool already being none other than superhero Deadpool, in the midst of kicking ass.

For those of you who have gotten used to Stan Lee making his obligatory cameo, this movie might just serve up his best cameo yet.

High on action, and high on heart without a hint of misplaced schmaltz, this movie is a must see for everyone over 18. With none other than Betty White dubbing the movie “the best of the year,” you’ll definitely want to see this movie again and again, starting in the theater and then repeat.

Grade – A+ with extra smile stickers for originality.