Dear Migos: Bizzy Bone Of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Has Something To Tell You.


Smoke? Bizzy Bone has straight carbon monoxide for Migos and 21 Savage too. Percy Crawford talks to the Bone Thug OG.

By Percy Crawford (@MrLouis1ana)

Bizzy Bone is back with vengeance. The legend talks about his new single, “Carbon Monoxide” (Migos/21 Savage diss), dropping new music all year long and more.

(AllHipHop Feature): There are not many that can claim collaborations with the likes of late greats such as, 2Pac, The Notorious Big, Big Pun and Eazy-E, as well as the legendary Phil Collins. That is a title that legendary Cleveland, Ohio based group, Bone Thugs N Harmony can claim exclusively. Discovered by, Eazy-E in the early 90’s, BTNH has maintained a career that has lasted for two and a half decades. Their 1994 debut album, Creepin on ah Come Up, was a certified classic as was their sophomore effort, E. 1999 Eternal. In 1997 the group won a Grammy for their hit single, “Tha Crossroads.” The fast rapping, tongue twisting melodic sounds of the group soon became a staple in the music industry and was often imitated but never duplicated. The group compiled of, Bizzy, Krayzie, Layzie and Wish are truly living legends who broke barriers with their contrasting sound and talk of Ouija boards during the early part of their careers. A limitless list of hits and classic studio albums will assure the group a solid place in several musical Hall of Fame venues.

I had the chance to speak with BTNH member, Bizzy Bone about his new single, “Carbon Monoxide,” taking aim at Migos and 21 Savage, his desire to put out new music this year and much more.

AllHipHop: It’s always an honor to speak to a legend. You are truly a legend and I appreciate your time.

Bizzy Bone: Thank you very much. I appreciate that, man. The honor is mine. I appreciate you guys covering the stuff that we putting out. It’s back and forth. The feeling is mutual, my brother.

AllHipHop: “Carbon Monoxide,” is a well thought out diss track aimed at guys like 21 Savage and Migos. You referred to them as “culture killers,” on that track. Could you elaborate on that line?

Bizzy Bone: We need to start with the history of it, so it don’t just look like I’m going in on these motherf#ckas. It started off to where, a lot of the people that love, Bone Thugs N Harmony as a group was coming at me and saying, “Did you hear what they said? Did you hear what they said?” They were trying to amp it up. So, I did a live Facebook video and throughout that whole Facebook I was sending out love, you know what I’m saying. I was uplifting them etcetera etcetera. There were certain people who were taking snippets of what I said and putting a title, “Bizzy disses the Migos,” so on and so forth just for click bait. That’s when it started to take off. What I felt like was, if some people are trying that hard to make it like I’m saying something bad to these boys, then they must be feeling something in their spirit. Let that sizzle in your spirit. So, after all that was said and done, “Big Boy” get them on an interview and basically ask the young cat, “Qua” “So, ya’ll still feel ya’ll are the biggest group?” Once again, he said it with a little extra authority after people had took what I said out of context. So that’s when Layzie got upset.

And then that’s when dude said something about fucking the homie wife and your money this and your money not looking right and throw up some money. And then that’s when the record came out. Everybody was talking shit about the record and that’s when people were like, “B, we really not trying to hear nothing from you, but what’s going on now.” So, fast forward to where I pull out the “Elmer Fudd,” (the shotgun) on the live video stream. Again, everybody is trying to say, “He pulled out a gun on live and was talking…” I ain’t said nobodies name. But they really-really-really wanted that issue. So, after all of that, that’s when I decided to go ahead and make “Carbon Monoxide” and really shut things down to the point where I’m like, “Okay, what are we talking about now? What’s up?”

Now, as far as them killing the culture, I think it’s starting to manifest itself and it’s starting to take a life of its own. We already know the gentleman, “St. Laurent” not even from America. So, we get that. You pushing pills, you pushing lean, so on and so forth and you not from here. Now we got people in Africa that think that lean is what we do. They have people dying out there because of that because they think that’s what rappers in America is doing. So that’s one thing. Pushing pills and drugs to the kids. It’s deeper than killing our culture, it’s killing our kids. But I could understand being young. I’m still for uplifting our people because they are still my people. We still from the same gang. We are still from the understanding that we are people of color. So therefore, we must support each other as well, but it’s still there in saying all of that. I decided to address that issue just because it had got to the point… man, you can’t say you done f#cked the homie wife and talk about money and all of this. I’m alright. I’m good, so let me address this.

AllHipHop: Do you feel like that has become the younger generations go-to? Money this or money that, especially when they are going at the guys that came before them.

Bizzy Bone: I think that sometimes it’s an excuse. It’s like dealing with a stupid bitch or a stupid girl. Pardon my language, I just call them bitch because I don’t know their name and bitch is a name. Instead of her intelligence, instead of her class or her respect for herself, she’ll just put her ass in front of the camera and get all of the likes that she wants. They not liking your personality “boo-boo” they liking your ass. But when she opens up her motherfucking mouth, you realize you dealing with a dumb ass motherfucka. That’s how I look at motherfuckas putting money in it or other issues when rap has always been a sport. It’s always been a sport and if you’re going to claim boldly, that you’re the best doing it, then just be prepared to prove it. And if you’re not prepared to prove it, then dude quit saying it. You’re saying that strongly. You making people mad as fuck, bruh. Then when you can’t prove it and me putting put this new single, “Carbon Monoxide” everybody got blinders on. Now it’s the “Bird Box Challenge.” But they doing little stuff in the background with your lil companies, like trying to address it with their lil companies and shit; which is some backdoor, barnyard and shit as well. It could mean something, or it could not. But yeah, when people throw up the money and everything other than what we are talking about, that’s just to hide the fact that on paper you’re a 4th grader.

AllHipHop: “Carbon Monoxide” confirms that you not only still got it, but you never lost it. It also confirms that we need some more music from, Bizzy Bone. Is it helpful every now and then to have someone pull on your coattail to force your hand to put that pen to paper?

Bizzy Bone: No, I don’t need anyone pulling my coattail. The last project that I came out with was with,
“Krayzie.” I put out some singles because the game is singles. I have done various projects with a few different people in the industry. I have put out a few movies. But it’s definitely time for some more Bizzy Bone music and it’s going to happen all year long. I been cooking for about a year and a half with my production team and my kids. I been cooking with my boys. As you know we did the Wiz Khalifa. We dropped the, Wiz Khalifa track, we dropped the “Berner” track. We been cooking. But it don’t take nobody pulling my coattail. I’m just a musician. I be up late at night while my baby sleep and my girl sleeping or what not. It be 3-4 in the morning and my creative juices start flowing and I’ll write like 3 or 4 songs. That’s just me.

AllHipHop: I spoke to the OG, Spice 1 and he said, no group with 2-years of popularity should ever go at a group who have enjoyed a 30-year fan base. Do you feel there is a lack of respect or disconnect from the cats who are just getting their break?

Bizzy Bone: I feel like that is there. But I tend not to pay attention to that because the more you shine light on it the more, you’re giving that foolishness shine. With social media, it’s electronics. It’s one or two things, positivity or negativity; that’s it. It’s a positive charge or a negative charge. There is only two currents. When it’s something that is blatantly out there and obviously wrong as f#ck, people will tend to gravitate to it. So, not shining light on it, tends to not trend. So, it’s a samurai game to this social media sh#t. That’s very-very important. You just gotta be a f#cking ninja. You gotta samurai that sh#t.

AllHipHop: How different is it for you to put music out on YouTube and streaming sites because when you guys first came out it was nothing like it is today. Is it just a matter of adjusting to the times?

Bizzy Bone: Yeah, you definitely gotta adjust. It’s what life is, man. You go from tapes, to VHS, to CD’s, DVD’s to iPhones. Technology has not stopped progressing. We’re 10-years ahead of ourselves technologically wise already right now. That’s just what we already have. Yeah, it’s just adjustment. Your samurai game just gotta be on.

AllHipHop: The “Carbon Monoxide” track is a certified diss track and I feel like we don’t get a whole lot of that anymore. You put a lot of thought into it. This just wasn’t an on the surface attack. I thought it was really dope.

Bizzy Bone: You have… it’s just like back in the day. Take the East Coast for example. You had Eric B. and Rakim and you had Kid ‘N Play. These guys now are more Kid ‘N Play with dance and they are more fun. But as soon as they start trying to get deep, everybody is like, “That’s not you, bro. What the f#ck are you talking deep for? That ain’t what the fuck we want to hear from you.” I think that that’s where you start to see them decline. When they start really trying to act like they are really deep on some sh#t, you’re really not.

You’re a pill popper, my love. You sip lean. You snort coke. That’s what you do. That’s just what you do. You talk about guns, repeat yourself a whole bunch of times and you adlib the f#ck out of yourself. That’s just what you do. You make people dance. You got the right amount of DJ’s and your region is just real hot right now. There is nothing wrong with that. I don’t think it is lack of creativity, it’s just, the party music ain’t never been battle music. It’s never been battle music. Kid ‘N Play dare not battle Eric B. and Rakim. They better not or they going to lose every time. Eric B. and Rakim are the streets and Kid ‘N Play secular, it’s TV, it gloss and dancing. And there is nothing wrong with that because we need that too. I think it’s just the lane that they drive. I don’t think it’s a yes or no answer, I think it’s just the lane that they are in. Once they start trying to get deep, that’s when they fuck up.

AllHipHop: You said that we could expect music all year from you. Do you have a timeline or are you just going to be dropping things here and there throughout the year?

Bizzy Bone: All year long for sure. Right now, we’re doing the “Carbon Monoxide Challenge.” We are on the “Carbon Monoxide run. We got another one coming within the next couple of weeks; actually, I believe next week is when we are going to premier it. We are going to premier the video on the 9th and it will go up on sale as well the following week. Then we got the next single coming, “Running From One Time,” but right now we are running with “Carbon Monoxide,” then we got “Enigma” coming, “Running From One Time,” and then “Cleveland” coming. We have a bevy of other songs that’s going to be coming out all year. All year we’re going to be dropping singles that builds up to the project. That’s just what we’re doing. I’m introducing “Bloodline Harmony” as you guys know is my kids… my sons. I’m introducing my niece, Ajanae into the game. She’s going to be on some of this upcoming music. I’m introducing my producer, Blais who is also an artist. I’m opening up the doors for the youth, so people don’t feel like this is an assault on the youth, but somebody kicked my brother ball over the fence, which is Layzie Bone and I was just coming over to retrieve the ball. “Wait a minute, back the f#ck up, I’m just coming to get my little brother’s ball and then I’m going to keep on pushing, but don’t say nothing. This is life.”

AllHipHop: I’m excited to have you back in the lab on a consistent basis, I look forward to the upcoming music and we will definitely be doing more of these interviews to promoter your projects. Is there anything else you want to add before I let you go?

Bizzy Bone: Definitely! I want to make sure that I plug my social media, @mrmccane on Instagram, my Facebook, I AM Bizzy Bone, so I want to make sure that I plug that. JAMtvofficial as well. I want to make sure people are watching JAMtv and next time we do an interview, my YouTube channel is going ballistic, so we gotta discuss that as well. I appreciate you guys. You guys are a staple in hip-hop today and I hope you guys continue to grow and blossom and rise to the top.

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