Dear Nicki: Celebrities Give Nicki Minaj Life Advice

Not that Nicki cares, but celebs get their feedback on what the Queen Barb should be doing!

(AllHipHop Opinion) Over the best weeks, Nicki Minaj has dominated headlines, message board chatter and water cooler talk for everything from her clothing, rants, music, beefs and more. The self-proclaimed Queen seemed to be melting down as she defended her throne from haters, competition and what she deemed to be covert efforts to undermine her musical efforts. Many watched this play out as we watch our favorite binge-worthy TV show.

Not that Nicki is off track, but we probed some celebrities and got them to weigh in on Queen Nicki and also give her some advice on what she should do to...stay on track.

Here is some bonus footage of correspondent D-Nellz at the VMAs. He asked the celebs on the carpet about their favorite music videos! You will love who got the most feedback. (Hint: he just posthumously celebrated his 60th birthday.)

While we are on the topic of music, they even matter any more? The legacy of them is strong, but music platforms have changed dramatically over time and so have the budgets of successful videos.