Death Before Dishonor (DVD)

Artist: DVD ReviewTitle: Death Before Dishonor (DVD)Rating: 4 StarsReviewed by: Melanie J. Cornish

With street DVDs becoming as mass produced as mixtapes, occasionally one will break through to tell a story worthy of our attention and of our money. Death Before Dishonor (Ruff Nation Films) is released in the eye of the stop snitching hurricane. This hot topic is in the minds of many and is being covered by all media outlets, not just those with urban connections. Narrated by long time supporter of the stop snitching movement Peter "Pistol Pete" Torres, the documentary throughout reiterates the street mantra, "Death before dishonor," with numerous familiar faces from the Hip-Hop world giving their interpretation of the long time code of 'hoods throughout the world.

There have been many significant cases of famed celebs abiding by and breaking this powerful basis for street life as of late, which this well documented DVD executes. In an exclusive interview with Lil' Cease, who allegedly proves his innocence when it comes to the Hot 97 shooting which left his once buddy the Queen Bee incarcerated for nearly year in Federal prison, the DVD goes on to uncover conflicting evidence; the kind where Lil' Cease is documented to be literally "pointing the finger."

With constant validation, throughout the seventy five minute look at just who is snitching and who is getting caught by the snitches, from local enforcement agencies, Professors and famous faces from all aspects of Hip-Hop including Fat Joe, The Game and Jadakiss, it definitely makes you ponder on the time line of snitching. A good story line and star studded cast always make for a winning movie and with this topic being so current in today’s Hip-Hop/Street existence, Death Before Dishonor is a DVD worth watching.