Diggy Simmons and KnightPKF Give Back on Easter With Concert for Ecstatic Connecticut Teens

Over the Easter holiday weekend, Hip-Hop artists Diggy Simmons and KnightPKF got into the holiday spirit by coming together to perform for a good cause in the form of a crowded room of excited teens at the Coco Key Convention Center in Waterbury, Connecticut.

The CoCo Key "All-White Teen Affair" saw both entertainers giving back to their fans, and more specifically teens in Connecticut who couldn't have been happier to have both stars within their reach.

Diggy, whose debut album Unexpected Arrivalis available in stores and on iTunes now, is currently promoting his new single "Two Up", while KnightPKF is pushing "Smoovin" from his upcoming EP, Ladies Love Night.

The event concluded with the ecstatic teens pleading for Diggy and Knight to stick around and take photos after their performances, which you can see parts of below, as well as some pictures from the event. Naturally, the fans' wishes were granted.