Diggy Simmons: General of the Youth Movement Part 2

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Allhiphop.com: As an emcee, do you ever put pen to paper when writing or is it laptop work?

Diggy Simmons: I used to do pen to paper. Just recently, a few months ago, I started using Text edit. I don’t have a problem with the pen and paper.

Allhiphop.com: What was the criterion to be met in your mind for artists to be featured on “Airborne”?

Diggy Simmons: Just the way they sounded (aura) on every track. I heard the Chris Brown track for ‘Put you on’ and I was like “oh shoot,” let me get on with my boy Breezy. The same thing with Raekwon, I heard him on the track and felt it would be great for New York; even if it didn’t hit radio it would do well virally. The process went by the track, not the project as a whole.

Allhiphop.com: Lupe Fiasco calls himself your big brother on a lyrical platform. Your cadence presents a minor hint of Lupe’s influence on you. Talk about your journey of being a fan of Lupe’s music up until the moment you shared a studio with him.

Diggy Simmons: I have every last one of Lupe’s albums, mixtapes and leaks. He has been a huge inspiration to me in Hip-Hop. It was an honor to work with him. I had the opportunity to see him on tour. He put me into a group of his favorite artists coming up in the game. It’s just an honor to work with someone I can link with creatively and brotherly.

Allhiphop.com: Two more questions Diggy. Are you keeping your eye on Airborne downloads?

Diggy Simmons: The thing with me and downloads, I don’t know, I used to check on them more in the beginning. Now, I just let them be what it is. I won’t be mad if I don’t have a certain amount of downloads. When I was in LA a few days ago chilling with my team, I heard that Airborne reached 200,000 in just a few days. And that was just the direct link; it didn’t include DatPiff.com and other sites that are hosting the download. It feels good that so many people are acknowledging it.

Allhiphop.com: Final question, the youth movement is growing quickly in 2010. Jaden and Willow Smith are on the move; Justin Beiber is on the move. The youngn’s are being taken seriously by all ages and I believe that you are the major reason why. What are your thoughts on the current youth movement and your part in it?

Diggy Simmons: I am happy to be a part of this. I think that this is the most beautiful thing. Justin Beiber being my homey for a year and a half now. To watch him blow up and his progression is great. I’ve just met Jaden Smith a few weeks ago. He is a real cool kid, very talented. And Willow, you might see something from us coming out. It’s great man. My homey Lil’ Twist is doing his thing. There are some young artists on the come up at DEF JAM doing their thing. And it’s not like we’re all good enough for our age. I feel that all of us that are making a name for ourselves are as good as anybody; we can hold our own.