Dizzy Wright's [#BGA] "The Golden Age Tour" Kicks Off in Houston

Houston's Fitzgerald's is not for the average fan. Slightly cramped and gritty, a concert here is strictly for the die hard fans. Sweat falling from their brows as they push towards the stage to spit along with their favorite artist.

On Wednesday, October 23rd, this same crowd pushed in and eagerly lifted Emilio Rojas as he surfed through the crowd before landing back on stage. His performance setting the perfect mood before it was time for the headliner to take the stage.

A humble guy, while backstage Emilio stopped to chat with everyone, "It was live and Doughbeezy is the man. H-Town just showed me so much love."

Dizzy Wright

That same electric energy that he had sparked on stage would continue throughout the night and shoot through the roof as Dizzy finally took to the stage.

Launching "Dizzy....WRIGHT" before running through a string of fan favorites including tracks from "Smoker's Conversations" and his latest "The Golden Age;" minus a few sound issues he gave an exciting performance, even going as far as to crowd surf before standing upon the actual wave and rapping upon the crowd itself. Dope.

Catching up with him after the show he said, "This is my second show in Houston. They requested me back. Coming here a second time, I can definitely see the growth. It's like the crowd was thinking, 'I know we better know these words before he get on our heads.' The energy tonight was crazy, like I feel alive again!"

The appreciation for his fans was evident as he stayed an extra hour and a half after the show to speak with them, sign autographs and even learn a handshake from a fan.

After his set, the audience screamed for an encore and Dizzy obliged, but not before telling the largely Caucasian crowd that he was giving them the "N*gga Card" to use the word before dropping the track. They made sure they screamed it loud too.

Dizzy Wright performing

Standout Openers/Artists:
Houston hard hitting artist Doughbeezy briefly took to the stage during Emilio Rojas stage, drawing one of the loudest cheers of the night. While newcomer Dewayne Jackson likely drew in a wave of new fans from his performance, especially with his "Metaphors" and "Higher Learning" tracks.

Dizzy Dewayne Jackson

Bet You Didn't Know: DJ Hoppa is hilarious. I can't tell you the story that he told backstage because it was off the record, but he's hilarious.

While not a stadium sized venue it was filled nonetheless. It will be interesting to see what road Dizzy's career heads down, but if his buzz is to be believed he's definitely worth keeping an eye on. Houston, Texas certainly knew he was.


Shirley Ju
Shirley Ju