DJ B-Do: Port Arthur, Texas Producer and Pimp C Protégé ‘Countin’ Money’

DJ B-Do: Port Arthur, Texas Producer and Pimp C Protégé ‘Countin’ Money’As Bun B fans enjoy the 5-mic Trill OG album that is in stores now, super producer DJ B-Do is enjoying the success of the album’s first single entitled “Countin Money” ft Yo Gotti and Gucci Mane, that he produced. The Pimp C protégé hailing from Port Arthur, Texas, has been playing instruments since the early age of 9 and is very close with the Port Arthur community of athletes and musicians that have helped put the small Texas town of just over 57,000 on the map.Having released the video for the single this past Saturday online, and after a summertime full of work in studios from Atlanta to LA to New York, this Texas producer is making a name for himself with creativity and a respect for the game he has worked so hard to be a part of. Take a look at this sit down with one of Texas’ finest artists in the game and get to know a producer that will be making hits for years to come. Alright, so they call you DJ B-Do Right?DJ B-Do: Yea my name been B-DO but there is an older producers from Houston he did a lot of Rap A Lot Records his name is John B-Do so you know out of respect I put DJ in front of it because I used to DJ in high school so I just used the DJ you know just out of respect. I noticed you produced that recent Bun-B joint, "Counting Money" right? With Yo Gotti and Gucci Man.DJ B-Do: Tell me about that track man and how that track came together.DJ B-Do: MAN! that track came about and it was crazy, it was another record and it was actually for a project I was working on and Bun-B’s Manager “International Red" heard it and he was like "man you need to get this record to Bun!". First I was kind of not really hesitating, Bun’s all family, I got my first placement on UGK double disk album, so I gave him the record and uh..he put it on his "No Mixtape". But his first verse was on the mixtape and uh he gave it to Gucci before he went to jail and he gave it to Yo Gotti too and Yo Gotti did his verse and it leaked. So I guess some of them Internet bloggers or sites or whatever, they put it together and it went real hard. After that you know that's how we got to the lab and put all the verses together and there you have it... That s**t is tight..[LAUGHS}DJ B-Do: I appreciate it, actually I produced it and I am on the hook That's what's up man. So just for our listeners that don't know man tell them how you got to that point where you were able to produce for a song like that man.DJ B-Do: Man back in ‘07 I hooked up with Pimp, I am from the same town, and I’m from Port Arthur, Texas where Bun B and Pimp C are from. So I hooked up with Pimp in ‘07 we did a verse called "Grind Hard" that got on the double disc album that went gold before Pimp passed and ever since then I just been in the mix. That was my firs major paper but before then I been recording around Houston with local artists and um I got on that major album right there man and since then I took off running. I actually got my first acting little gig in Lupe Fiasco video " The Hip-Hop Save My Life" Oh ok yea I heard about that. You produced a couple of joints for Lupe right?DJ B-Do: Yea but they are not out yet. Oh ok, who else are some the artists you have worked with? Tell me some of the other artists you have like worked with or what projects you are excited about now.DJ B-Do: I have worked with Scarface, I did a record off of uh.."UGK4 Life", that album that came out last year I did a song with Big Gipp of Goodie Mob, I did a song with uh E40, B-Legit and Eightball and MJG called “Used to Be” Right...That’s good shit man so um tell me what kind of production equipment you use?DJ B-DO: Phantom, MPC 4000, Logic and I use my own drums so I make sure I don't have the same drums as nobody else but I got so many programs inside of that logic bro, that logic Who are you really looking forward to working with coming up in the game that you might already been working with?DJ B-DO: It's a project I've been working with Pimp C before he passed called the Underdawgz. Me, Pimp C, Young T.O.E. another artist from Port Arthur so be looking out on that because it's going to come out right after Pimp C’s album. I would love to work with T.I, Ross and I would love to work with Kiss and Styles P but you know I would love to work with anybody that want to work with I know you produced some down south joints but you seem like you would like to venture off and like you want to get to work with like some of the other artists.DJ B-Do: You got damn right! Man I am from the south so of course I am going to work with anybody that's in my backyard, but man I travel, I love music first you know? I produced any type of music bro, you know what I’m saying? I make music some people are scared to rap on [LAUGHS] Who are some of your musical influences? DJ B-Do: I have been playing drums since I was like 6 months old. I bulls**t you not I can show you pictures! You go wanna make me send you some pictures so you can see man like I played saxophone. I play piano I don't play piano like thoroughly, like fluently like you know what I’m saying, but I've been playing instruments my whole life. I am inspired by of course UGK, NWA, Ghetto Boyz,Outkast,36 Mafia music you know then I like the old school music I listen to Marvin Gay, Billy Holiday, whole bunch of I just love music! I listen to Coldplay [LAUGHS] So you wanna work with some rock bands? DJ B-DO: I didn't think you would ask me nothing like that...[Laughs] I just love music bro you know what I’ m saying? Even as a kid like people look at it now like "ah man he was in a band" like shit like that, but I just look at it like I was in it just to do something with music. That's why I used to love basketball and I quit growing [LAUGHS] Shout out to my man Steven Jackson for the Bobcats and Kendrick Perkins that's one my cats from my hood. Well Kendrick actually from Beaumont but Steven from Port Arthur too he help me get at a lot of people too. You said Steven Jackson? DJ B-Do: Yea from the Bob Cats Yo he was one of my favorite basketball players, he hits those 3’s bro. DJ B-Do: Oh yea that's my ni**a! I’m gonna a send you a picture w/me and him at my B-day party tell. and Pimp C was another influence. He did what he could to help me put me on his album man and honestly I didn't believe and Pimp was like man "I’m a put this on my UGK album”. That was the first song I did with him and I rapped on it too. I didn't believe it you know what I’m saying Bun wasn't on the record and it was me T.O.E and PIMP.I was like man ain’t no way in hell this is going to make the UGK album and Bun ain’t on it. I was telling Pimp I’ll take my verse off you know I’ll produce it and put Bun on it. I want to make sure this s**t get on this album..and he was like, "Man we are going to LA tomorrow to master it." I said "but it's not even mixed" and he said "f**k it" you know 2:00am in the morning we fly. I’m like man "let me go to the studio and go mix it" and he was like nah man it sound good enough. That s**t fu**ed me up. I was like damn "this shit got on the got damn UGK album. Being from Port Arthur that had to be huge.DJ B-Do: Yea!!! You know what I’m saying I grew up listening to that s**t. Man I was in the first grade in ‘91 when their first tape came out and I remember taking that and Ni**as for Life that was the NWA album my cousin and I were just listening to it in my room and I am like "what the f**k is this s**t” Next thing you know after signing with Jive the next year they drop "Too Hard to Swallow” and it's a dream to even work them ni**as you know what I am saying and I was just surprised I even made it. Alright so you say you are working on a project yourself, The Underdawgz right? DJ B-DO: It's called the "UNDERDAWGZ" that was a record and that's actually was the first song we did on that record that he took put on that UGK album you know. He was like man "y'all go ahead and do it" because at the time he was like, “man I been in the game I need to f**k with some young ni**as"We from the hood and we from PA so he was like, “s**t come on with it”. We weren't the type to be around Pimp and expect him to put us on or give us money because he was in a good situation man. I was like f**k it Pimp, I understand I got to pay dues, I'll fly and I’ll pay for my own flight, I got my own bread, I’m a hustler first you know what I am saying? He seen that and he respected that you know what I am saying so he looked out like muthafu**a.