DJ Chong Wizard: American Ironman (Shawn Carter vs Tony Starks)

Imagine what a typical day might be like for Jay-Z and Ghostface. Now picture what it would be like if both men switched identities and lived in each other’s worlds; Hip-Hop’s Trading Places if you will. DJ Chong Wizard’s latest mixtape, American Ironman, is the aural equivalent of the aforementioned strange scenario. It is the latest (and freshest) in a recent string of American Gangster related mixtapes that gives the opportunity to hear Jigga’s rhymes over another artist’s music. This latest installment mashes Jay-Z’s lyrics over beats from Ghostface’s classic Ironman and vice versa.

Things open up strongly with the title track; a blend of Hova’s bars from “American Gangster” on Starks’ classic “Iron Maiden.” The melding of Jay’s laid back, grown man bars over smoky, off-kilter soundscapes crafted by the RZA equal automatic reloads on “Ignorant After The Smoke.” Jay-Z and Beanie Siegel drop knowledge from “Ignorant Sh*t” on top of Ghost’s “After The Smoke Is Clear” creating 2008’s first smoker’s anthem. Additionally, we get a fresh take of “Fallin’” over “Wildflower” on “Black Super Hero Music.”

“Success At The Apollo” finds Ghost sounding equally comfortable slinging his paisley darts from Supreme Clientele. The synchronization of the track and including a few others (“Pray For Camay,” “Say Hello To The High Guy”) might sound off but yet again the pairing still feels comfortable.

On this unique effort, DJ Chong Wizard shows us what the “Best of Both Worlds” could have sounded like the first time. Staten Island and Marcy Projects’ finest need to build on this and make an official collaboration. This mixtape can best be described in Ghostface’s own words: “Plush robes made from suede/And knitted by virgins;” or something like that.

Ghostface Killah - "Success At The Apollo"

Jay-Z - "Comic Book Dreamin'"