DJ SKEE Kicks Off Second Season of SKEETV With Post Malone, Super Duper Kyle And More!

On the season premiere of SKEE TV, the infamous and always busy DJ Skee sat down with “White Iverson” rapper Post Malone, actor Josh Peck from the new Fox show “Grandfathered,” and up-and-coming rapper Super Duper Kyle. The live crowd was treated with a performance from Post Malone and Super Duper Kyle at the historic Ivar Theatre in Hollywood.

Additionally, SKEE TV presented an exclusive look at Ernest Baker, the NYC party legend who has been called “the last rockstar writer left” and who Drake recently credited for naming his new mixtape with Future.

"Im super excited becuase Fuse has done an all new relaunch and rebranding. To be a part of that is awesome, especially taking the success of SKEETV and bringing it on a bigger scale this year. You will see an updated set, bigger performances, again we are going after the best in tech and CEO's in company's to the top athletes in the world. Anyone who is making an impact on the culture," DJ Skee explained.

Filmed every Friday on Fuse from The Los Angeles Film School and Ivar Theatre in Hollywood, DJ Skee will interview celebrity guests, host live musical performances, and present segments providing insider access into the trends and trendsetters of tomorrow.

When asked about what he looks forward to in the new season of the show, this is what Skee had to say:

"If its just coming back, showcasing the artists and people. What excites me is finding people before they are known on the main stream level. You saw that with Post [Malone] who now we bring him back. Nobody knew who he was back then and we put him on TV before he was even on the radio. To watch his success is awesome. Khalani is on TV commercials now and crazy stuff, you see SuperDuperKyle who is now back and he has a new one with Chance the Rapper. So we like scowering talent and be the first to have them on, as well as the legends to have that good balance."

Aside from his work with SKEETV DJ Skee is focused on DASH Radio which has stations with Playboy and YG Entertainment. "We are now over 70 stations and its taking over faster than we thought," Skee explained about his new found focus on Dash Radio.

SKEE TV airs Fridays at 10/9c, check out the Super Duper Kyle and Post Malone clips below!