DJ Toomp: The Making of Jay-Z’s “Say Hello”

DJ Toomp has quickly become a fan favorite, even though the veteran producer has been a staple in Hip-Hop since the late 80’s with MC Shy D. N Zone Entertainment caught up with DJ Toomp as he produced the beat that Jay-Z would eventually use for “Say Hello” from the Brooklyn rapper’s American Gangster album.

The video offers clues into the method to the Grammy Award winner’s madness. Now, Johnny-come-lately-types understand why Toomp has been tapped by Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Glasses Malone, T.I. and others.

The making of “Say Hello”:

To craft his hit, Toomp used “The Love We Share Is the Greatest of Them All” to act as the skeleton to '"Say Hello.” Ironically, Jay-Z’s former mentor/rap partner Jaz-O used the same sample in a joint called “Friends Betrayed,” which appears to be a commentary about his former friend (Click here to listen to “Friends Betrayed”).

About 2:30 minutes into the song, you will hear the original sample of Tom Brock’s original Toomp used to craft “Say Hello”:

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