DJ Whoo Kid Talks Hollywood, Hip-Hop, and the Evolution of Rap Beef

From our friends at Vibe:

Known for his G-Unit affiliation and mixtapes, DJ Whoo Kid is also the host of the hit radio show, Whoolywood Shuffle on Shade 45. One of the busiest DJs in the Hip-Hop industry, Whoo Kid travels extensively, performing and hosting events around the world. He is also working on projects with Snoop Dogg, A$AP Rocky and David Banner. In this exclusive article, DJ Whoo Kid talks about his radio show, his upcoming projects, and how women are usually at the center of most rap beef:

You started out in this industry as a DJ doing beef mixtapes, which is still much a part of hip-hop culture today. What are your thoughts on the way rappers come at each other now like the whole Drake versus Common and Diggy versus J.Cole scenarios? How has beefing sort of evolved throughout the years you’ve been in the game?

"I started in hip-hop when there was house and then when hip-hop came in, the rap battles were serious, it was crazier then. Thing is it was lyrical. Now it’s personal with the girlfriends and the mothers. Back then it was lyrics towards lyrics. Then Jay-z and Nas came in with the baby mama stuff. I was with Nas when he did “Ether then when we debuted it, it really started with personal, going in hard then of course, 50 Cent revolutionized it with videos and flying in the baby moms.

Like who the hell does that? I’m afraid where words are gonna go to after this. I still believe Serena’s the reason why they’re (Drake and Common) beefing. The core thing of every beef is always a female. So unless we get rid of vagina, I don’t think the beef is ever gonna end. It’s escalated more to a personal thing. People always look at lyrics but lyrics got to have personal touches on it."

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