DMC: Still Got Game

“I’m the King of Rock, there is none higher! Sucka

mc’s should call me Sire!” These words are embedded in our psyche

as representatives of one of the best groups to ever be birthed in the genre of


As one third of the trio who basically grew up in hip-hop and brought it from

adolescence to adulthood, DMC of Run DMC is still schoolin sucka mc’s

on what’s good, and not so good in this rap game.

Still carrying the love for his brother Jam Master Jay in his heart and in

his music, DMC has seen some of everything there is to see in this business.

With a new solo album about to drop, the evolution of the pioneer takes us higher.

- There’s a whole lot going on in hip-hop right now, what’s your

take on it?

DMC- Right now the competition level is much higher because of all the money

being made,,when it used to just be my rhyme is better than your rhyme, your

dj is fake my dj is better than yours. I think a lot of people feel like they

have a lot to lose, I mean it’s good to get paid, but that’s not

the essence of hip-hop. Hip-hop is a culture, it’s a way of life. - So you think the money is what messes up everything?

DMC- Yep, well no, the money doesn’t mess it up, the love of money messes

everything up. The love of money is what’s evil. Why do you think it’s so hard for the old-skoolers to

get paid their just due?

DMC- The people controlling the industry don’t spend the money to keep

the memories alive. They don’t respect it enough. Like when you look at

Jazz or Rock & Roll, they spend money to keep putting out albums to give

the artists a chance to make the music forever. It’s ridiculous when somebody

says when I get 35 I don’t wanna be rapping. Rapping is a form of expression.

It’s like Frank Sinatra saying when I get 50 I ain’t gonna sing

no more, it’s music. The difference is you don’t want to be rapping

about what you were rapping about at 22 now. Cause when you get 40 years old

it’s gonna be different stuff to talk about. But hopefully I can break

that barrier because I have a solo album coming out. - Great segue, what’s the album about and what’s

the title?

DMC- It’s

called Checks, Thugs, & Rock-N-Roll It’s about life. You

know I can’t rap about things I used to back in the day, I can’t

go around sayin I’m the King of Rock or rapping about my Adidas because

those things aren’t important. For me, I gotta educate the little kids,

I gotta motivate the little kids, that’s what’s important. - What are some of the things you see that’ s wrong with

hip-hop right now?

DMC- I just think all the images are repetitive. Everybody’s doing the

same thing. Everybody’s rapping about the same things, we need a little

versatility. Everybody’s driving the same cars, having the same party,

but hopefully things can begin to change. - Speaking of change, are you voting in the upcoming election?

DMC- If there’s really someone worthwhile to vote for (he laughs) But

I do believe everyone should exercise their right to vote. Voting is very personal.

It’s a very personal decision to make. - If you could nominate any hip-hop artist to run for office,

who would it be?

DMC- Chuck D, and that’s not because he’s militant, but because

he has knowledge of history. Not just his Black history but he has knowledge

of all history, government, community and he’s my idol. I love him. Are you and Run going to be doing anything together soon?

DMC- Well on my solo album me and Run do have a record together

but we’re not going to perform as Run DMC anymore out of respect to Jay,

but he’s on the album. Although it’s Run & DMC we’re just

not gonna call it that, even though that’s what it will ALWAYS be.