Dogg Chit

Artist: Tha Dogg PoundTitle: Dogg ChitRating: 3 StarsReviewed by: Bill Zimmerman

Tha Dogg Pound sure doesn't keep fans waiting. Since debuting during Death Row's glory days in the mid-'90s, Daz and Kurupt have released a slew of solo albums and group projects on both independent and major labels. Now, less than a year since they dropped their "comeback" album Cali Iz Active, the Pound is back with Dogg Chit (Koch). As to be expected, Daz Dillinger and Kurupt Young Gotti's latest is packed with harsh words for their enemies; mainly gangland rivals and "b**ches." This go around Daz handles all the production with assistance from Ivan Johnson and Soopafly.

On "Anybody Killa" with The Game, Bloods and Crips come together, but this isn't "We're All in the Same Gang." Over a menacing groove reminiscent of something from the Death Row era, these guys are united by the philosophy that anybody can get smoked regardless of what neighborhood or set they represent. The misogyny gets real heavy on the back-to-back tracks "Can't Get Enough" and "Dat Ain't My Baby." On the former, Daz, Kurupt and Too $hort offer freaky tales of threesomes joined by an X-rated hook over a funky beat.

Overall, Daz and Kurupt sound best over Dogg Chit's more upbeat G-Funk production, even if the subject matter doesn’t always match the feel-good vibe. The super smooth pimpin' track "Vibe" with Snoop Dogg and the celebratory "It'z A Good Azz Day" stand out as the best cuts. The latter provides welcome relief from all the sex and violence that ultimately hurts the album. The irritating "Mo Murder" and "Pull Ya Drawz Down" with Snoop are the low points of Tha Dogg Pound's offerings on their favorite subjects.

Nonetheless, Dogg Chit is likely to satisfy DPG fans. If not, it probably won't be long until Tha Dogg Pound has something new in stores.