Don’t Drink the Purple Kool-Aid

It’s pandemonium in Minnesota with Randy Moss, Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, the Noresman and the Minnesota Mulattos in the Twin Cities right now. The Vikings are Super Bowl bound baby! They are the greatest team of the decade. Yeah right, not so fast. Don’t drink the purple Kool-aid. Do you see how much Favre is struggling right now? His offensive line sucks and he’s not in sync with his receivers at all. Those kind of things happen when you come to camp late. Favre only excelled last season because their first 8 games were against cupcakes! Seven of their first eight opponents this year have the potential to make the playoffs. The old gunslinger is done for, point blank, period, mark my words, and I’ll tell you I told you so in advance jerktards! Randy is nice, we’ll give him that, but if your QB is on the ground then how do you expect him to get the ball? Favre had to be begged to come back this season, because he really didn’t want to play. Moss and Favre are going to take time get a good rapport with each other. The only thing that happens overnight is the sun coming up and Favre and Moss instantly hitting it off mid-season isn’t one of them. Don’t forget about Sidney Rice. You think he’s going to give up his #1 wideout spot just like that once he’s back and healthy? Naw homie, don’t think so. There are too many egos for this to successfully work. Brad Childress has his work cut out for him. God rest his soul but Childress needs to call on his inner Bernie Mac and figure out how to deal with these bad ass kids because they are not going to listen to him. Brett is going to call an audible and pass, when Childress and A.D. want to run. A.D. and Childress will get pissed. And when Brett does throw the ball, he’s got Vishante Shaincoe, Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, and Randy Moss to please. I feel like this is turning into the Dallas Cowboys of the North. All we need now is Zygi Wilf to cop some facelifts, grab a couple side honeys, and an overbearing attitude and we are good to go.