Don't Quit Your Day Job

Artist: ConsequenceTitle: Don't Quit Your Day JobRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Aqua

Consequence rhymes better than Kanye West. But we all know actual lyrical talent is only one aspect of rap success. On his very late debut, Don't Quit Your Day Job (G.O.O.D./Columbia), the former A Tribe Called Quest affiliate asserts he indeed has a knack for craftily putting words together over appealing beats. However, translating those skills into extended replay value does not come as easily.

"How'd I get stuck in this dead end job when I can rap, but of course my bill collectors they ain't trying to hear that," quips Cons on the opener, "Da Job Song," which uniquely flips "Nautilus" while showcasing his slick wordplay. Quickly following is the Kanye West produced ditty "Don't Forget 'Em" which sparkles with flutes and subtle drums. But from then on if certain songs on Don’t Quit Your Day Job sound familiar, it's because they've been heard many times before. "Grammy Family" was on DJ Khaled's '06 album and "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" got plenty of burn, a few years ago. Even, "Uptown," was heard on DJ Clue’s The Professional 3.

Perhaps Cons including older material is fitting since though plenty of people first "discovered" him on West's "Spaceship," he is no rap industry novice. No doubt his Native Tongue pedigree and the indie grind he went through before aligning with West's G.O.O.D. Music leads to some playfully fresh songs. The stand out is easily "Feel This Way" where his rhymes are cradled by sly guitar plucks and John Legend’s vocals. His knack for storytelling is also highlighted on the tongue-in-cheek "Uncle Rahiem" and reminiscent “Who Knew.”

Consequence's potential to string together strong music makes the appearance of weaker tracks maddening. "Pretty Little Sexy Mama" is plain corny, with Cons’ crooning on the hook and lyrically wooing chick simply not a good look. Meanwhile, "Disperse" felling GLC and Really Doe, feels to similar to T.I.'s "Why You Wanna."

Don't Quit Your Day Job is indeed a good album but it is not very eventful. Hopefully with some overtime he won't get passed up for his next promotion.