Donald Glover Talks 'Atlanta', Trap Music, & Migos Shout Out


Donald Glover explains that season 2 of 'Atlanta' shows how ATL is all about the finesse at 'Atlanta' season premiere!

(AllHipHop Features) Donald Glover and fellow members of the cast of 'Atlanta' hosted a season 2 premiere screening in Atlanta for the hit FX show!

The screening took place at East-Atlanta's Starlight Six Drive-In theater.

The "black carpet" featured Sonny Digital, Sahbabi, Kawan "KP" Prather, and Isaac Hayes III.

At the closing of the red carpet, attendees had a chance to view the first two episodes of season 2 of 'Atlanta' which has been titled, "Robbin' Season".

The cast and Glover also joined those in attendance for an after party that featured Atlanta-based rappers and an ATL-themed video booth.

In a red carpet-turned-press conference, the media had a chance to hear Donald Glover's thoughts on trap music, how Atlanta as a city is perceived and reflected in the show, and his epic Migos shout out.

On trap music:

"It's like Reggae or something where the elements are very small. It's like five major elements, and then you just do what you do with it...I feel like everybody around the world can do it. It's kind of like soccer; all you need is a ball. All you need is really like the bass drum and the trap drum, so like everybody can do it. But everybody can't make it good. I feel like it's a great equalizer of music," said Donald.

On "Bad & Boujee" Migos shout out:

"I .....did not...... I mean this like honestly. I said it as a joke, cause I was like yeah everybody knows that song is hot. Then at that moment when I saw the crowd, I was like none of them know this song, like none of them have heard this song. I've heard this song like 20 times this week," Glover added.

Donald Glover expressed that the show and the city of Atlanta represent how the city is a city with a lot of finessing, and a city where you can truly be whomever it is that you want to be.