Done In One: Jay Z, Eminem, and Others Recorded These Songs in Just One Take

Even though Hip-Hop greats do it effortlessly, rapping well on record is not easy. From staying on beat to breath control to the projection of his or her vocals (just to name a few things), there’s a lot to execute correctly in order for a rhyme on wax to captivate listeners. And like a movie director who shoots a scene multiple times before moving on to the next one in a film, music producers often need rappers to rhyme many takes before a song is good enough to go be mixed and mastered.

In rare cases though, rappers are able to nail their vocals on the first attempt. It’s a truly amazing feat, especially considering that some of rap’s most famous songs were recorded in such a way. Therefore, has put together a chronological list of some of these records. We are sure there are more, but this list also includes credible sources proving that these artists really were done in one.
These songs may have been recorded in one take, but they certainly deserve multiple spins!

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