Drake’s "Take Care" Tracks & Chase N. Cashe Speaking On Production

With Drake's sophomore album, Take Care, set to be released on November 15, the official tracklist was announced today (via AllThingsFresh).


The regular version of the album will include 17 songs, and a deluxe version will be available on iTunes which includes two bonus tracks. Guests on the album include Lil Wayne, The Weeknd, Rick Ross, Andre 3000, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj. Check out the tracklist below:

1. Over My Dead Body

2. Shot For Me

3. Headlines

4. Crew Love ft. The Weeknd

5. Take Care ft. Rihanna

6. Marvins Room

7. Under Ground Kings

8. We’ll Be fine

9. Make Me Proud ft. Nicki Minaj

10. Lord Knows ft. Rick Ross

11. Cameras

12. Doing It Wrong

13. The Real Her ft. Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne

14. Look What You’ve Done

15. HYFR ft. Lil Wayne

16. Practice

17. The Ride

Bonus Tracks:

18. Hate Sleeping Alone

19. Untitled ft. Lil Wayne

In an interview with The Sourceproducer/artist, Chase N. Cashe, spoke on his long-standing relationship with Drake, as well as the track he produced for Take Care.


On his relationship with Drake and joining him on the Club Paradise tour:

Chase told The Source of the "brotherly bond" he shares with Drake and how each wants to see the other succeed. He statedthat Drake is "the G.O.A.T. right now" in breaking new ground for young artists, also calling him the "forefront leader of our generation." In regards to the "Club Paradise" tour, Chase said it will hit 50 cities nationwide and that he's appreciative that Drake is giving him the opportunity to help build his name as an artist, as he is currently independent.


On his production for Take Care:

Chase felt that the song he produced was the "most touching record" and "most heart-felt record" on Take Care. He also said that on the track, Drake talks about his family, "his journey since he's gained all this superstardom that he sought out to get," and how his fame has affected his family. Chase is looking forward to seeing how people react to the song, saying that it isn't a record that will get you down, but that it has "a bounce to it, it's something people can still dance to, it's something that you can still ride to in a car." He called the track a "self-reflection," as it looks back on the things Drake has done as an artist and it inspires the listener to reflect on their own life.