DVD REVIEW: Katt Williams—American Hustle: The Movie

You might mistake Katt William's new stand up comedy DVD American Hustle: The Movie (Salient) with his last new DVD, The Pimp Chronicles. While The Pimp Chronicles was a lukewarm, semi-funny, made for HBO special, American Hustle, on the other hand, is a steaming, hilarious classic, not doomed to be played out on network television. This honorary pimp of the year kept it real by bringing along his posse of underground funny people, Melanie, Luenell, and Red as they cheerfully hop in Williams' Chicago bound Katt A Lac, "delivering these laughs to people."Williams tackles everything from weapons of mass destruction to the "b*tch ni**az" guide to pleasing women. The 5'5 comedic genius steps on the stage tuxedoed out dancing to Rick Ross's "Hustlin',” pretending to be a librarian shelving books to the song in the background. Katt's delivery makes his jokes instant classics. He has potent punchlines like, "The most gangster ni**a in the world is dead y'all. The Crocodile Hunter is dead, y'all!" and "For those of y'all who have been in jail and wanna know what it's like, just go home, goto closet, turn off the light and just stand there." The quotables go on. At one point, Katt Wliiams rants about Oprah Winfrey strongly discouraging black people using the "n-word". He whines, "Oprah, you already own everything else, don't take "ni**a" from us!"American Hustle almost reaches quintessence. The DVD would be better without the Hollywood meeting skit in the beginning and the whole comedian road trip. Just a five minute intro before Wiliam's set would have been fine. Other than that, Williams may very well be that standout for his generation of comedians. You had a taste of Pimp Chronicles. You had a taste at Wild N Out. Both had you ticklish. American Hustle will straight up molest your funny bone as he becomes that next dude on comedy's Mt. Rushmore.