Eminem's Relapse: Bump It Or Blow It

After a long layoff, the turbulence in both the Hip-Hop landscape and at his label, 8Mile's finest returns with a little blast off at Sirus Shade45, where he dropped "I'm Having A Relapse." On again off again with Kim, a book by his momma, and a much ballyhooed attempt at rhyming by his brother has kept Mr. Mathers if not in the spotlight, in the news.Recently voted by voters of Vibe as the best emcee currently drawing breath, Eminem served notice that it would take more than a few years off to "kill whitey." While his last Encore left much to be desired, this little outburst gives the impression that maye, just maybe, the hunger is back. Here's the clip and judge for yourself. Is Eminem truly back, or is he a shell of his former self? Let AllHipHop know what's good.

Im Having a Relapse - EminemPoll Answers