Eric Bellinger Ft. The Game “Awkward”

Eric Bellinger and The Game have teamed up once again, this time for Bellinger’s upcoming mixtape, Choose Up Season, for the track “Awkward." The mixtape is slated to be released on October 1st. Additionally, a trailer debut for the mixtape happened today.

Bellinger stated, "The single life in LA is wild. And the ‘CHOOSE UP’ can get very real. After you choose up, it’s time to leave the club and get your car from ‘VALET’ before continuing the turn up with a ‘HOUSE PARTY’ at the crib. If things go right, you know she’ll pulling out the ‘NIGHT BAG’ and talking to ‘THE PILLOW’ while the two of you become ‘NIGHT OWLS.’ However, it’s usually agreed upon in the beginning that the two of you will ‘NEVER BE TOGETHER’ and that things are just ‘CASUAL’ until one of them catches feelings and things instantly get ‘AWKWARD."

On the track, Bellinger asks for things to go back to the way they were the day before him and his girl became involved. He sings, "This sh*t is just awkward." Bellinger sings about the awkwardness that follows a break up where the other keeps in contact with your friends, family etc. The Game raps "Instead of you acting crazy I suggest you see other men." Cuffing Season is on the way!

Take a listen to the track below and also check out the trailer for the mixtape!