EXCLUSIVE: CMurder Announces Hunger Strike To Protest Angola Prison

CMurder dropped a statement off to AllHipHop.com in protest of how he and other prisoners are being treated in Angola.

(AllHipHop Features) Incarcerated rapper CMurder is among the inmates embarking on a hunger strike at Angola Prison.

According to his Publicist Tammy "Ty" Page, CMurder, born Corey Miller, is using his platform as a well-known rapper to voice the dire conditions going on at Angola.

CMurder is serving a life sentence for the 2002 murder of a 16-year-old named Steven Thomas, inside of a Jefferson Parish nightclub.

In 2009 CMurder was sentenced to life in jail, after winning multiple appeals, when it was revealed that prosecutors bribed witnesses for favorable testimony.

The case went all the way to Louisiana's Supreme Court, which upheld the conviction, automatically triggering a life sentence in Angola Prison for CMurder.

CMurder's hunger strike is in protest of Angola Prison, Assistant Warden Barrett Boeker, Warden Darrel Vannoy, The Department of Corrections and James LeBlanc The Secretary of DOC.

"Although, the actual person that fired the gun that night sits in a prison in Georgia and has signed an affidavit with an audio confessing to a separate attorney whom knew nothing of Miller's case, stating that he, not Miller, is the one that is responsible for the killing and is not associated with Miller," C-Murder's publicist Tammy "Ty" Page told AllHipHop.com.

CMurder and other inmates have a long list of complaints against Angola prison officials, who he claims are railroading his release, by preventing him from seeing friends, family, and his attorney.

The rapper claims his Constitutional rights are regularly violated and that physical abuse has been going on for several years inside the prison as well.

CMurder said visitors, including men, women, elderly and kids as young as eight are harassed and some are even subjected to strip searches.

"This has caused an immense amount of frustration and anger due to the fact that there are guards up there that have open pending charges against them for sexual misconduct, sexual abuse, and physical abuse," Tammy "Ty" Page explained.

The rapper said he's being targeted by Angola's Assistant Warden Barrett Boeker.

Boeker was arrested in December of 2016 for second-degree rape at his home on the prison grounds, yet he still holds a high ranking position at Angola.

Miller believes Assistant Warden Barrett Boeker has been retaliating against him over a racial discrimination complaint he filed against this very same warden.

And just earlier this week, a former major at Angola was found guilty of conspiring to cover up the beating of a handcuffed and shackled prisoner.

The rapper's publicist said the same abuse happened to CMurder.

"In March 2017, my client was placed in handcuffs for nearly 24 hours in the hole," Tammy "Ty" Page said. "His hands were so swollen that they had to cut the handcuffs off of him nearing amputation."

CMurder claims the inmates are on the hunger strike because they are being denied proper healthcare, while being treated inhumanely.

CMurder also made the shocking claim that guards are covering up murders at the hands of guards and listing them as suicides.

Miller's publicist Tammy "Ty" Page said she believes that speaking out will cause more retaliation to her client.

But Page said this could shed light on the conditions at Angola and possibly help other inmates that do not have a stage to speak out for fear of reprisal.

"I have also reached out to a Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump and Jarrett Adams, another attorney very familiar with prison conditions," Page said. "At this point, I fear my client's safety and well-being during this hunger strike, but something has to be done."

Check out the letter CMurder's sent to AllHipHop.com from jury member Geralneigh Bazile, who maintains she was harassed by other jurors for her "not guilty" vote.

And listen to CMurder's statement in audio about his hunger strike right here.

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I'm praying for you Corey Miller. Please KEEP sharing this story on Facebook & Twitter
I pray this STORY will reach law makers and activist.
Something need to happen NOW. Before it's TOO LATE!!!


Free my favorite 😭


First of all idiot, have you followed this his case? Where you there when the incident happened? Did you see him pull the trigger? NO! Bitch so shut the fuck up. C is WRONGFULLY CONVICTED HOE! I was there, so I can speak on it bitch! Why even make a statement on Shit you don’t have a clue about. Do some research bitch, pull up his entire case, and see for yourself all the fuckery before you try and leave your opinion on something fucking asshole


Like y'all mfkaz read the mfkin story on his murder case saying he Killed somebody. SMH. That man ain't kill no damn kid. Da fuck is the kid doing at at got damn night club in the first damn place. Cee is tru rapper. A lot of us grew up on No Limit Not Cash money. Y'all need to read and do some research before claiming he Killed that boy. SMH. Damn y'all retarded.