Exclusive: DJ Premier Honors Late Rapper Guru From Europe

The family of the late rapper Guru celebrated his legacy in Boston, Massachusetts during a ceremony from 2-5:00 PM on Sunday (July 18th)Close friends, family members and guests gathered at the University of Massachusetts in Boston to pay homage to Keith Elam, who would have celebrated his 49th birthday on Saturday (July 17th). Gang Starr member and legendary producer DJ Premier took the time to chat with AllHipHop.com about Guru, who died on April 19th from cancer. "This is one of the most powerful dates to exist in the elements of the earth,” DJ Premier told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview from Europe. “Guru is a pinnacle in the legacy of Hip Hop Culture.”DJ Premier is currently traveling throughout Europe. And while he couldn’t make the intimate tribute that is taking place today, he paid homage to Guru in his own, private manner. “I am so blessed to have run 22 years of personally being a major part of his existence as a friend and business partner,” DJ Premier told AllHipHop.com. “I have permanent scars on my right hand that I can never remove from my skin that he put there from one of our famous scuffles that only the Gang Starr family knows about.” “I kissed those scars when midnight arrived while I was still overseas in Prague last night on stage along with 4,000 people cheering his name,” DJ Premier continued. “I got goose bumps that even Geese cannot give. Gang Starr is for life and Keith Elam is for life. I miss him so much and will continue to speak of him as if he is just a step away from being right in front of me. I call him Goo. I love you dogg.”An official concert tribute will be held in the near future. worksofmart on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free