EXCLUSIVE: How Would You Survive The Purge? The TV Cast Speaks!

Chuck Creekmur talks to the cast of The Purge TV show to see what they would do if the murderous holiday was real.

By Chuck Jigsaw Creekmur

(AllHipHop Features) The siren is blaring a familiar scream. It is a maniacal, horrifying collision of politics, horror, class warfare and suspense. This is The Purge.

The Purge television series makes its television debut Tuesday Sept. 4 on both the SyFy and the USA Network at 10 pm EST/PST and, in this Trump Era, fiction and reality smash each other like battering rams.

The Purge, in cinematic dystopia, started in 2013 with the movie where The New Founding Fathers of America pass a 28th Amendment that legalizes all crimes (murder included) for 12-hours on one night per year. More than anything, murder is on the menu. The show follows the premise, but allows for deeper character analysis and development. Nevertheless, the concept is horrifying to the point where some have even accused the movie of inspiring real-life events.

On a sweltering day, I visited the set of the TV incarnation of The Purge on the outskirts of New Orleans. The set was stunning in an end-of-the-civilized-world kind of way and truly evoked a dark possibility if the nation doesnt pull the reins on its destiny. In one particular scene, the walls are plastered with signs. They say: End Child Incarceration, Dont Let Them Break Us Apart (with the United States split), Stop Killing Her and You Cant Kill Us. The PAs and set personnelle scuttle back and forth, preparing for re-shoot after re-shoot until they reach perfection.

The entire 10-episode series follows a single Purge night with numerous plots to go with it. Miguel (Gabriel Chavarria), a Marine, risks it all on the night of macabre for his sister Penelope (Jessica Garza) who is in a pro-Purge cult. An upwardly mobile couple played by Rick (Colin Woodell) and Jenna (Hannah Anderson) rub shoulders with the New Founding Fathers of America, but realize their ideologies differ greatly. Jane (Amanda Warren) decides she will use the Purge to help her rise in her investment firm and feels an assassin will help greatly. Finally, there is Joe (Lee Tergesen), a suburban dad that dons a mask while listening to pro-Purge motivational lectures.

These actors play roles, but how would they approach 12 hours of mayhem that could result in death? Read them below and also add what you would do in the comments.

Colin Woodell

Theres two sides of the coin for me. For starters, my initial reaction is that I would get out of the country. That would be my go-to move. Im not even going to try to pretend like Im a tough guy. Theres a reason I play Rick and theres a reason why Rick has no action scenes. (Laughs) Part of me is like: Ill just go to Europe and lay on the beach a couple of years, days. Then theres another part of me is, theres nobody I have any deep seeded animosity for. Theres nobody Id want to go Purge by any means. But it's an intriguing thing. It sounds terrifying and it probably would be, but I also love adrenaline. To be in the world would definitely be pretty interesting.

Lee Tergensen

The first year, I would barricade myself in and hope that it would just pass by. If something happened to somebody that I cared about, I dont know what I would do. Id like to think that I could stand above it. I dont know.

Amanda Warren

You know those bunkers in Oklahoma with the tornados? Mine would be tricked out, got my little snacks. I would reluctantly have my arsenal. Lets just face it: that would be a reality so I would have to face it. As awful has that is. Me, I dont like carrying firearms. Just chill. If there is a happy pill to calm me down, listen, lets do that too. And just stay in prayer. I am a woman of great faith. I believe nothing that Ive accomplished is without the guidance of God.

Hannah Anderson

Id be anti-Purge for sure. I would be the person that would hermit myself. Id find a dark corner in my house. Well, maybe Id have some friends over. Maybe a game night. Im turning this around. Its a holiday so I dont want to celebrate The Purge, but I want to make the most out of it while still being safe. There is a small part of me that would want to commit some small crime to say that I did. Just like steal something small.

I think people would [do The Purge]. I think it would be interesting to see if the crime rates would go down. I cant imagine that once the siren starts blaring at the end, [people would just stop]. Im like, really? Siren starts blaring and people are like, The Purge is over. mid killing. I would be scared that we wouldnt be able to stop.

LuLu Simmons

Please no. Id be more like my character (helping people) and I think we need more of it. We need to ban together even if we dont want to. I think we need to fight for whats right.

"The Purge" debuts on Sept. 4 at 10 p.m. on USA and Syfy simultaneously.