EXCLUSIVE: Luke Cage Red Carpet with Jadakiss, KRS-One, Mike Colter & Show Cast

What super power would you have? Chuck Creekmur asked everybody from "Marvel's Luke Cage" and found out the scoop!

(AllHipHop Features) Now that “Marvel’s Luke Cage” season 2 is out and we can discuss spoilers, let’s do that with the cast of the hit series. The show has already gotten critical acclaim from fans, who may have felt a little cheated when Cottonmouth was murdered oh-so-violently in the first season. The new season does not have those issues, nor does it have to go through the origin-esque process of introducing the “bulletproof Black man.”

Season two is a volatile mix of character, culture, good, sorta kinda bad, plot, subplot and the texture under it all. Luke Cage, the character played by Mike Colter, evolves too and by the end of the series, fans will be clamoring for what’s next. The favorites are here - Simone Missick returns as Mercedes "Misty" Knight, Theo Rossi as Hernan "Shades" Alvarez, Rosario Dawson as “Claire” and Alfre Woodard as Mariah “Black Mariah” Dillard. Emerging talents that are sure to leave a footprint are Gabrielle Dennis as Tilda Johnson and season two’s “big bad” John "Bushmaster" McIver, played by Mustafa Shakir. On top of it all, we also talked to Hip-Hop icons like KRS-One and Jadakiss too.

What is now is a celebration and AllHipHop was there at the red carpet to pop bottles and party in honor of the show, which was created by Cheo Hodari Coker. And we worked as well, interviewing the cast.

Check it out.

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