EXCLUSIVE: Master P’s Next Frontier: The Comic Book Industry


We support Marvel, DC and the Star Wars franchise...why not Master P and VIM Comics?

(AllHipHop Features) Master P’s entire legacy is predicated on having no limits with this legendary foray into music and movies. Now, P, Romeo, Cymphonique and the Miller family are leaping into the vast world of comics. The Miller Family and No Limit Team made a major splash at the LA Comic Con and wowed the audience with a full-fledged display of their VIM Comics company.

“We got one of the biggest comics in here and we turned this one into a movie,” Master P told Chuck Creekmur in front of a bunch of fans at the company’s booth. “If George Lucas can create ‘Star Wars,’ why can’t me and my family create ‘Eyes of Esca’? There’s no minorities in this (business). This is a multi-billion dollar business and we have no piece of it. If VIM Comics, which is our company, if we take 10 percent of that, imagine what we can give back to our community - for our people.”

There were several inspirations for VIM Comics, but P admitted that it was simple as his upbringing and the money Marvel has raked in with movies like “Black Panther.” The latter was nearly an all-Black cast, set in the fictional nation of Wakanda.

“I grew up watching all these superheroes on TV and I said, ‘You know what? Why can’t we create our own?’ There’s enough room,” he said.

”Marvel controls most of this business,” he admitted. “We gotta start thinking outside of the box. See, I’m always thinking outside of the box. I got all kinds of movies coming out this year and I said: this is the year we take over the movie industry. I’m making some many movies. People can call this one...the same way they supported Black Panther. ‘Eyes of Esca’ is a superhero movie done by us. There’s not none out there like this.”

The inclusion of his son and daughter, Romeo and Cymphonique, is a major difference between SIM Comics and other entities like DC and Marvel.

“This is a family business. This is something our whole family can be involved in,” P said as Romeo and Cymphonique join him in the interview.

Romeo quickly gave his sister her just due.

“This is created by a woman - ‘Eyes of Esca,’” Romeo chimed in. “No matter how old you are, how old you are, anything is possible if you truly believe.”

Cymphonique said, “All of the ideas are copywritten. Businesswise, its all down pat. It comes from a ginuwine place and it comes from scientific theory. This is definitely a big deal.”

Cymphonique also stated that each of them had an important role in VIM Comics that included business, creative, and marketing.

Check out the cast members from Eyes of Esca movie and comic series based on the shape-shifting octopus superheroes that take place in the swamps of New Orleans.

For more, go to eyesofesca.com.

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