Exclusive: Prince Markie Dee Remembers The Human Beat Box Buffie

Hip-Hop pioneer Darren "Buffy" Robinson of The Fat Boys died this weekend (December 10th, 1995), suffering from complications related to his weight. As a member of The Fat Boys, Buffie blazed a trail for Hip-Hop artists by participating in the first major tour (The Fresh Fest), the first hit commercial movie (Krush Groove - 1985) and movies (Disorderlies - 1987). Group member Prince Markie Dee remembers his deceased group mate with fond memories for AllHipHop.com. "Buff was a pioneer in the game he was doing this thing back in the 80’s. Doug (E. Fresh) was doing it noticeable to people, but we was doing it at the same time but apart from the people in our hood, they wasn’t hearing it. Buff got the same amount of time in that Doug E got. And all of these years have gone by since he passed away and he wasn’t even like mentioned, probably even honored. That hurts me man, because he (Buff) was such a good person man and he deserves more. As far as my career with The Fat Boys, it was such an amazing stepping stone for me to catapult myself into the production world, into the radio world, back into the production world and all of the things that I am doing now. It’s been that stepping stone for me to be able to do, all the things that I do now and it was an amazing part of my life. As far as me personally – that’s enough for me, like I swear I really mean this from my heart. I am so happy for my man for Buff. [The TV One "Unsung" special] really gets [people] to see what type of person he was and what an amazing talent he was. You get to hear different people telling their sides of how he was, it’s just amazing man."