Fashion Feature: Get Your Favorite Star's Swag This Halloween

Halloween is almost here and if you're planning on embracing more tricks than treats, you're going to need a costume. From monsters to actors and even musicians, the possibilities for dressing up are endless. If you haven't made a decision about who you're going to be on this most special of days, we've got you covered. Who better to be than the queen of the Jersey Shore or one of the kings of rap? Take a look—we've your guide to dress like Atlanta rapper T.I. and reality star Snooki.

To Get T.I.'s Swag…

You've got to sport his own clothing brand, AKOO. Below is an outfit that would definitely give you that "King" swag.

Barnett Wool Jacket

Bronco Jeans

Fox Hole Tee

To Get Snooki's Swag:

To get Snooki's style on point, all you need is a little Ed Hardy clothing, along with the a standout handbag and shoes. The hair poof is optional.

Vashti Dress

Daisy Tab Tote

Charlie Studded Platform by Dereon