Fashion Feature: Kanye, Pharrell, Jay-Z: Who's Your Kind Of Guy?

From Kanye Westto Jay-ZFind out whose style

you fancy by taking our quiz: When you're getting dressed to head out to a club with your guy,

does he: a) Throw on a fresh white tee, clean denim?nd he's on his way

b) Arrive home after his manicure and take an hour to decide on his

favorite suit

c) Pick out a pair of skinny jeans to match a bold graphic tee When shoe shopping, he'd be more inclined to grab: a) A classic pair of Timberlands

b) Studded-out Christian Louboutin sneakers

c) A pair of bright Supra kicks

On a Saturday afternoon, your guy is most likely to be


a) Doing handiwork around the house

b) Shopping like it's going out of style

c) Chilling at a skatepark with his friends

His idea of formal attire is: a) An understated classic suit and tie

b) A well-tailored three piece suit and bow tie

c) A good black suit, accessorized with a bold skinny tie and Converse Chucks

Your guy's favorite street/urban brand is:


b) Orisue

c) Billionaire Boys Club

If you answered mostly A's:T.I.

Laid back guys like T.I. and Jay-Z float your boat. You're into

classic, effortless urban style where the jeans are still slightly baggy,

but cleaned up. You don't care for the newest trends?ou let his good

looks and swag do the talking when you walk into a room.

If you answered mostly B's:

Kanye West

You respect men like Kanye West and Andre Benjamin for their passion for

fashion. You like being the center of attention when you hit a party with

your flashy significant other. And perhaps you dig being able to take your

fella shopping without him whining and complaining the whole time!

If you answered mostly C's:

Chris Brown

You're a fan of "skater boys" like Chris Brown

andPharrell. Whether he actually skates or not,

you're feeling his confidence when he rocks skinny jeans and bold colors.

He's on top of the latest sneaker drops and progressive street brands, yet

he's not afraid of high fashion. Just expect him to add his own twist when

he has to dress up.