Fat Man Scoop & Shanda: No Ordinary Love

Fat Man Scoop and his wife Shanda may have very well discovered the secret to a successful marriage in the spotlight: air it all out and take callers. What began as a small webcast about sex has now exploded into a live show with potential TV, DVD, and radio deals. Man and Wife takes place primarily in the bed of the happy couple, where they discuss sex; check voicemails and emails from fans, and vibe with one another like no other televised couple. Ever.

Man and Wife is beyond entertaining. Episodes include cheating, homosexuality, transgendered individuals, and vibrator selections. There is even a segment where Scoop has to transport a trunk full of dildos across state lines. How is that not funny?

So since this is the proverbial month of love, we decided to politick with Scoop and Shanda on the many quirks of relationships. With no formal sex therapist training, Scoop and Shanda speak like the pros. From swingers to prudes, the duo leaves no romantic stone unturned. Relax and take notes.

AllHipHop.com: How did the concept for Man and Wife come about?

Fat Man Scoop: The concept for Man and Wife came about, just…I was trying to really do a sex-relationship show and I was looking for a female host. And I was looking all over the place, you know, I had gotten about 150 tapes. I was going through women – they were wack – I wasn’t happy with it. I wound up laying in the bed one night and I was talking to my wife, and we were just going over a bunch of different stuff…things that happen during the day. And you know, I was like “Wow! Maybe this is the answer.” And you know how it is man, a lot of times things are right–

Shanda: He said I was witty and I was funny. Don’t forget that. [laughs]

Fat Man Scoop: Yeah, yeah, well you know and having [points to Shanda’s body] this you know. This don’t hurt.

Shanda: [laughs] It doesn’t hurt the situation.

Fat Man Scoop: So I said to myself, “Let me try to see if this could work.” Because you could be witty and funny in your bed, but if you can’t translate what you get on the radio and what you get on video, then you know it’s no good. So I brought her to the radio station that I work for and I put her – you know I made a little tape with her and it sounded good. And we were just shopping the tape. We tried shopping to Sirius, XM, that type of stuff. And Vinnie Posativo, who is the head of casting at MTV, was up at the station one day just on some business for MTV with Hot 97 and I gave him the tape along with my manager Charlie Stetler, I gave him the tape at the same time because he was asking me what I was doing. And the show just took off from there. Vinnie called us back. He was like “I think this would be a great show. Why don’t you try to do it for film?” As soon as he did that man, he came over. I had cameras to do a DVD all the street ghetto DVDs, I had cameras, so we took it from there. That’s how Man and Wife was born.

AllHipHop.com: People love talking about sex, but…

Scoop: Everybody loves to talk about a pussy. You talk about t**ties and p***y and d**ks, you’re gonna have a lot of discussion because everyone loves a t**ty. Every man I know enjoys a t**ty. [Pointing to cameraman] You enjoy a t**ty. You enjoy a t**ty. You love a t**ty! You love it!

Shanda: Even women love t**ties.

Scoop: [Pointing to Shanda’s breasts] You’re not gonna love these t**ties, but you’re gonna love t**ties.

Shanda: Women love t**ties.

Scoop: Women love t**ties! Everybody loves t**ties.

Shanda: The show is not just for heterosexuals. It’s for homosexuals too.

Scoop: Everyone loves t**ties.

Shanda: We hit on all points. [laughs] Exactly.

Scoop: Anybody who loves a t**ty can be a part of this show. Whether you have one, or you’re just an admirer of t**ties. You can be a part of this.

Shanda: [laughs] Exactly.

Scoop: Or d**k too. I’m not sayin’ that I’m lovin’ d**ks but, I mean–

Shanda: Okay, okay. [laughs] You’re all over the place.

AllHipHop.com: Speaking of which, there was the episode [on Man and Wife] with [Shanda’s] dildos, where [Scoop] didn’t want to bring them home for fear of being pulled over and being caught with them. If an artist was in a similar situation, would you work with that artist?

Scoop: If an artist got caught with d**ks…is this one d**k or a bag of d**ks?

AllHipHop.com: A bag of dildos. The same bag of dildos that [your wife wanted you to bring home]…

Scoop: One d**k ya might be able to play it off. “I was using it for my cat to play with” or anything. But when you get caught with a bag of dicks that means that there’s intent there. There’s serious intent to play with d**ks.

Shanda: It doesn’t mean anything, babe. It just means that they’re bringing it home and using it with their partner. What’s wrong with that?

Scoop: If you’ve got so many of them, like a collection of d**ks that means more than you’re bringing it home.

Shanda: He’s talking a lot of mess, but he brought them bags of d**ks home.

Scoop: I didn’t drive them all the way home.

Shanda: [laughs] Yes you did.

Scoop: I met her…

Shanda: You took them across state lines.

Scoop: …And I dropped it off and told her to go the rest of the way.

Shanda: [laughs] Yeah…

Scoop: Would I work with…would I work with…you know something, I’m confident in my sexuality. You know, I’m a man and I love women. If I ever get caught, I’ma get caught with some hoes, and…[turns and looks at Shanda]

Shanda: Hm. G’head. Finish.

Scoop: I don’t wanna talk no more. I think I said the wrong…I don’t wanna talk no more.

Shanda: [laughs] That’s okay. Anything you can do, I can do better.

Scoop: And I don’t wanna talk no more.

AllHipHop.com: So since you guys have such a really loving and healthy relationship, how do you keep that going? Just being able to keep that romance going in your marriage.

Shanda: I work at that.

Scoop: Yeah, I’m a horrible romantic. I’d rather pay for my romance, like…

Shanda: I’m a Harlequin…I’m a walking Harlequin Romance. That’s who I am. I’m a person that’s lustful. I know that that’s my personality, and I have to–

Scoop: Yeah she reads those books. You know those books, “The guy went down and he throbbed his member into…” She reads those type of, what is that Zane?

Shanda: I read anything that’s good.

Scoop: You know, all those Harlequin and, “he thrust his manhood onto her forcefully.” I come home and I’m like, “what is this?”

Shanda: But I do feel that couples can have that. You should be able to be in love and be in lust with your partner. I think it’s healthy to be that way and have those same exciting feelings you get when you first meet someone and you’re vibin’ with them. You can’t wait to see them, you have the butterflies. I’m a person, like, I love that. I always want to keep that so I work really hard.

Scoop: It’s almost like the first time you f**k somebody.

Shanda: He always takes it there.

Scoop: It’s like ya meet ‘em, ya have that feeling in ya stomach, like way in…you know what that’s like…

Shanda: I read the dirty novels, and he talks dirty.

Scoop: I’m trying to explain it if you let me explain what I’m trying to talk about! So I try to keep that feeling like the first time I got p***y. And if I can do that–

Shanda: You remember that?

Scoop: The first time I got p***y? Or the first time I got…yours?

Shanda: We’re not going there, ‘cause it was really me going after you. That’s another thing. I’m very assertive in that way. I’m a go-getter, when I see something I want I go for it. Women shouldn’t be afraid to do that. So, I really went after [Scoop] actually.

AllHipHop.com: What would you say is the worst place to bring someone on a first date?

Shanda: Hm, well, it wasn’t a first date, but…

Scoop: No, where is the worst place to take a person. Anything that makes you look like a f**kin’ weirdo. If that’s something like a wax show or some s**t.

Shanda: He tried taking me to Hooters for my birthday dinner. I don’t know if that falls into the worst place to impress a woman, but taking her to Hooters is not the thing. At all.

Scoop: I was trying to show you that hey, my woman got bigger t**ties than the t**ties at Hooters. I was trying to show that you better than them!

Shanda: Uh huh. Ok. Well, what do you think is the worst place?

Scoop: Anything that makes people think you’re a weirdo. Like, you go to some blood and gore convention. Just any stupid shit that would make somebody say, “Yo, they wrapped too tight.” Take them to sports events like UFC fighting like no woman wants to see no damn two fools with no shoes on fighting each other. Nobody wants to see that.

Shanda: Okay. [laughs] Oh my God.

AllHipHop.com: Do you think that a freak and a really conservative person could sustain a committed relationship?

Scoop: Yes. Because she’s a freak and I’m conservative.

Shanda: [laughs] I was gonna say, “That’s us!”

Scoop: She’s a freak and I’m conservative. I ain’t George Bush, but I’m conservative. But she is a freak. She’s a freak, man!

Shanda: I admit that I’m a freak, but I’m happy about me being a freak. But also I love him very much, and I’m monogamous and happy to be that way. So to me, embrace your freakiness. Just freak your partner.

AHH: What’s your opinion of swingers?

Scoop: You could swing all you want. But if you come at her, there’s gonna be some swingin’. I’ma be swingin’ in yo’ ass. That’s gonna be the swingin’ going on.

Shanda: I’m totally into people, couples, doing things that they both agree upon.

Scoop: F**king.

Shanda: If you both agree upon that’s the kind of lifestyle you wanna do, hey. But one trying to swing and the other one’s not wanting to swing, that’s a no.

Scoop: See I don’t share, but it would be exciting for me to get some other p-p-***y… and then…you…

Shanda: Oh definitely. I mean, I feel the same way.

Scoop: I think that it would be exciting for you. I wouldn’t do it.

Shanda: I think it would be very exciting for me to have two men. I totally get what you’re saying.

Scoop: Why the f**k would you have to get two men when I was talking about one person? Me, one on one. Why the f**k you gotta be having two men?

Shanda: I totally get what you’re saying.

Scoop: Totally get s**t. Swinging is a thing where if your wife is comfortable with you f**king somebody else then hey man that’s almost being a pimp. More power. Power to the people, man.

Shanda: And vice versa. She may bring someone in the bedroom that’s bigger and longer. Everything.

Scoop: First of all, if that’s the case, I’d have to check it out to make sure. I’m checkin’ the competition first.

Shanda: Now there’s all these rules…

Scoop: It’s not gonna happen anyway, so why are we even talking about it.

Shanda: Exactly. But to me, swing all you want, but as long as you’re both on the same page with it.

AllHipHop.com: So if you could both have your own individual harems with celebrities, who would you have in them?

Shanda: [giggles]

Scoop: Bullshit!

Shanda: I’m a Gemini and I totally love diversity, so it would be – no guy would look the same. It would be all colors, statures, all types.

Scoop: I’m thinking maybe Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson. Um, I know she’s a big one man [about to say a name], nah nah too big. Maybe Angelina Jolie, Kirstie Alley on the white side.

Shanda: I’m sitting here thinking about my list. I’d have Dan Marino, I’d have Troy Aikman, the guy from The Green Mile, Michael Clarke Duncan.

Scoop: That big ass muthaf**ker.

Shanda: Oh Lord have mercy.

Scoop: I can’t fight him. I can’t fight him! I’ve gotta shoot him. I’m telling you right now. I’ve gotta shoot him.

Shanda: The guy from…Hounsou is his last name. He did Blood Diamond.

Scoop: Nobody even knows who that is.

Shanda: The African guy [Djimon Hounsou].

Scoop: You wanna f**k with the African guy?

Shanda: Oh my God, he’s gorgeous. This camera guy is pretty nice too.

Scoop: Camera guy is gonna get his ass whooped. He won’t be happy ‘til he’s getting an ass whippin’.

Shanda: [laughs]

Scoop: He won’t be happy ‘til that lens is shakin’. That’s what you’re gonna do for him. Gonna have a shaky ass lens.

Shanda: [laughs] Okay, I’m sorry.

Scoop: Yeah heh, heh, heh, heh.

AllHipHop.com: There was a segment on the news yesterday that said men and women can’t possibly be friends if either of them art attractive. Do you agree with that?

Scoop: Men and women can’t be friends if they’re attracted to each other?

AllHipHop.com: If they’re attractive.

Shanda: If they’re both attractive people.

AllHipHop.com: Or if one is attractive, like it’s not gonna work. Somebody is gonna wanna sleep with somebody.

Scoop: Yeah but I don’t believe that because it’s a personal style or taste you’re looking for, like, I know women who are attractive, but I don’t wanna sleep with them.

AllHipHop.com: I think it can be done. Mature people – I think that men will have a friend and they’re looking at her like…

Scoop: “I will tear that p***y up!”

Shanda: I think men will definitely, whether they admit it or not, are imagining it. But if they go there and the woman puts him in his place. She’s like, “You know, we’re better as friends. Let’s not go there.”

Scoop: That’s the most painful thing in the world to tell somebody that really wants to f**k, “oh we’d rather be friends.” I don’t wanna be your friend! I don’t like you like that. I don't wanna f**k you! I don’t like you.

Shanda: So maybe they can’t be friends. To me, as a woman with my maturity level, I definitely could be a friend, but maybe guys can’t handle it.

Scoop: We’re more immature than women anyway, and basically, what we’re looking for is the p***y anyway. So we don’t wanna be friends.

Shanda: That’s not true because you have a lot of female friends and I have a lot of male friends.

Scoop: Name your male friends.

Shanda: [laughs] We don’t have time for all that.

Scoop: No, because you never told me that you had any male friends. So you could tell me your male friends.

Shanda: I have a lot of male friends. A lot of male friends.

Scoop: Name ‘em.

Shanda: I’m not gonna name people on the show.

AllHipHop.com: So what about friends with benefits?

Scoop: What that’s a f**k partner and pussy friend?

Shanda: Does that include co-workers? Because I had a friend like that at work. We were great, we worked together and we had sex.

Scoop: I f**ked a couple of people at my radio station too, but I’m not sitting here telling everybody what I did.

Shanda: I’m just saying, is a co-worker considered that.

Scoop: You got more questions?

Shanda: [laughs] I think that friends with benefits, if you’re both okay with it –

Scoop: P***y friends.

Shanda: But at some point is a woman gonna get emotionally attached?

Scoop: Yes, yes, yes. If they find it and the d**k is good, you’re gonna wanna be more than friends. That’s what you’re doing, then you start getting crazy, you start stalking, you start doing all types of crazy s**t. Hangin’ up phones and scaring people, you all act like you ain’t got no damn sense.

Shanda: Ooh, okay. That can go either way to me.

Scoop: I ain’t chasin’ nobody down. [looks at Shanda] Yeah I chased you down, so what?

Shanda: We’re not gonna touch that. We’re not gonna embarrass you.

Scoop: Tryin’ to do a show here.

AllHipHop.com: Besides yourselves, who are some other couples in Hip-Hop that you see as having really healthy relationships.

Scoop: Nas, Kelis, Jay-Z, Beyonce, because those are people I know. I know that Lil’ Jon and his wife are cool.

Shanda: Do you know what? I’m gonna interject on that. I like the way Nas and Kelis carry their relationship. They openly love each other, you’ll see them kissing. But, Jay-Z and Beyonce, I don’t see any intimacy.

Scoop: Aw, s**t.

Shanda: I know that people link them together because –

Scoop: Do you know where I work? Do you know where I work? Do you know where I work? Do you know what I do for a living?

Shanda: Okay baby, relax, relax. But what I’m saying is I identify more with a couple that’s okay about their relationship and showing emotion towards each other. You know, she does interviews and she loves her husband. It’s not hidden, it’s not like someone saying you’re together but you’re not confirming it. It’s just to me, it’s, I don’t know. I like the way Nas and Kelis carry themselves.

Scoop: I have absolutely no comment regarding Jay-Z or Beyonce whatsoever.

Shanda: I hope that [Jay-Z and Beyonce are] happy, I’m just saying in terms of what I admire, I admire [Nas and Kelis].

Scoop: I have no comment regarding Jay-Z or Beyonce.

Shanda: Well I do and I’m a person that expresses myself openly.

Scoop: Because of the line of work that I’m in, I have absolutely no comment regarding Beyonce or Jay-Z.

Shanda: I totally respect the kind of work that you do, and I totally respect them, but this is the United States I should be able to say how I feel.

Scoop: You want me have security [guards] that’s why. You want me to hire security, that’s what you want. So that’s what you’re looking for, that’s what you’ll get.

AllHipHop.com: Let’s talk about the show again.

Shanda: [laughs]

AllHipHop.com: What was one of the craziest voicemails that you’ve received?

Scoop: I think one of the craziest voicemails I’ve received is a couple that imagined – the guy imagined when he was f**king his wife he was thinking about Shanda and the lady when she was having sex with her man, was thinking about me. Now I had f**ked somebody and don’t even know about it at that point. Like I’m f**king and I don’t even know what I’m doing. I’m around here walking around the streets thinking it’s okay. I’m on the phone but I’m killin’ somebody in Milwaukee. I am f**kin’ the s**t out of somebody.

Shanda: I think the funniest I received was a gentleman who was in this relationship with this woman for three months.

Scoop: Oh yeah, listen to this, ‘cause hold on. Let me preface this by saying, this is some bulls**t. G’head.

Shanda: She had not slept with him as yet but she was giving him oral sex for three months.

Scoop: Now that is a red flag.

Shanda: So anyway, I guess she was saying she was a little chaste, she didn’t wanna do anything.

Scoop: You a little chaste, but you give head. If you give head you might as well go all the way.

Shanda: I think that way too, but I’m just giving them the story. So anyway, to make a long story short, after the three months he was ready to have sex with this person and come to find out it was a dude. It was a guy.

Scoop: It was a guy.

Shanda: And he wanted to know from me…he was emotionally attached now and he said, “Well if I still want to hit it from the back am I considered homosexual?”

Scoop: If you put your d**k into the ass of a man that you knowingly know this is a man, you’re a homosexual. That’s fine with me because in America, anyone should have the right to f**k anyone they want in the ass if the other person is a willing participant to this. Fine.

Shanda: I felt really bad for him because he was like, “She had beautiful skin, she had beautiful breasts.”

Scoop: It’s a f**kin’ man! What do you mean? A f**king man has great skin? Hey hey, I don’t have no problem with homosexuals whatsoever. If you wanna f**k a man in the ass then you do that. It’s your life. But at the same time, same exact time, don’t fool yourself. If you willingly know that you’re getting in the bed with a man and you’re gonna take a shot at his ass, something’s wrong with you.

Shanda: You’re gay.

Scoop: You’re gay! And that’s fine! God bless you. Tear that man’s ass apart. Do it!

Shanda: [laughs] That’s horrible.

Scoop: Do it because you wanna do it. I would’ve rather him called you or emailed you and said, “Baby, I’m a man. I found another man, and I wanna tear his ass apart. Is that with you?” I say hey man…

Shanda: Lordy be. I felt bad for him. I think he was just misled.

Scoop: But now he’s there! He’s at the promise land. Whatcha gonna do? Me? I’m gonna look for another choice in females. I’m not gonna call you up and say, “Hey man. Is it ok to tear his ass apart?”

Shanda: I wanna see it before I start dating it.

Scoop: Show me some p***y before we go anywhere. Just show me your p***y before we go on the first date.

AllHipHop.com: Scoop when you came back from one of your trips, you brought Shanda back a pulsating iPod vibrator.

Scoop: Yes, it’s a great gift. It’s a vibrator by Oh My Bod and you can see it on www.manandwife.tv, that’s our website, and it is the world’s first pulsating vibrator that vibrates to the music of whatever song you have.

AHH: So, Shanda, what’s your favorite song on it?

Shanda: “Be Faithful” [laughs] his song. A couple of songs. Akon’s song [“Smack That”] is really good.

Scoop: I’m gonna start doing beats for her so I don’t have to compete with other fuckin’ men. I’ll go in the studio, make a couple beats and put ‘em in the iPod and that’s it. That’s the way we’re gonna do this.

AllHipHop.com: Now we know everyone loves the show, but are there any haters?

Scoop: We have not got one negative email. Not one.

Shanda: Never, and like I said, I shoot off the cuff. I’d tell you. Not one. Out of thousands of emails. People just want more and more and more.

AllHipHop.com: How do you do your live sets?

Scoop: You know, you just get up there–

Shanda: Oh my God, they’re so much fun.

Scoop: You start by asking people to come up. And it’s so interesting.

Shanda: Actually, we don’t even have to ask, we just throw the question out and the mic is up there.

Scoop: The mic is up there so people come up.

Shanda: They just come one right after the other.

Scoop: What you do is you put a bunch of people in a room, right. You allow them to have a drink. Some are gonna do it with nothin’ in their stomach. The smart ones are gonna eat a little somethin’. And then after 45 minutes of that, you start the show. And you’re gonna see people do things that you never think. When you add alcohol, t**ty, p***y, and food and talking, you got a combination where somebody gonna do stupid s**t. All we do is let it roll. Every show takes on a life of its own.

Shanda: The first show isn’t like the next; you take on the personality of the people in the audience.

Scoop: You can go to www.manandwife.tv and see the live show. We have part of it on there.

AllHipHop.com: So what’s next for Man and Wife?

Scoop: A bunch of different things. She’s gonna work with Oh My Bod to create her own vibrator. At that point, she’s my wife she’s gonna get paid I get half of that so if I gotta take 300 dicks across state lines, I’m gonna be taking it. I’m ‘bout to get paid, I’m working here, I’m getting paid. You know, I’m not gonna take d**ks for no cost or no pay or no compensation so that’s what I’m talking about. That, and of course we’re gonna hopefully be doing some big TV deals. We’ve been approached by a couple of people that have been really interested in the Man and Wife show and they want to put it on television, so hopefully we'll be doing that in ’07. That and a line of bedding and stuff like that because we do our show from the bed and a lot of people call us and say, “Oh we like how your bed is.”

Shanda: I want to do my own clothing, but accessible. I would love a line in target or Wal-Mart. I’m not trying to charge people $300 for an outfit. An everyday woman can’t afford that.

Scoop: Clothing for women with big titties and big asses. Because, the big titty population is not being served correctly.

Shanda: Or our clothing choices are not as nice.

Scoop: Right, nothing to really help the t**ties…you know what I’m saying.

Shanda: Yes, I know exactly what you mean. [laughs]

Scoop: To do that type of thing and really bring it to the people because there’s more big titties in America than you know about. You don’t see them.

Shanda: We don’t get the respect.

Scoop: T**ties never get respect like the asses. Booties get respect in America, but t**ties are really, really–

Shanda: That’s okay because I’m gonna…

Scoop: You’re gonna bring t**ties to America.

Shanda: That’s right.

Scoop: America’s gonna love the t**ties. I’m confident enough as a man to know that somebody’s gonna appreciate the t**ties. We get emails all the time, just stupid stuff. “I like to suck ya p***y” I like to do all this other stuff.

Shanda: When you have the content that we speak about, they kinda feel like you’re throwing yourself out there, so I could say anything I want to.

Scoop: It’s ok, that’s cool.

Shanda: So you know, it’s part of the business, so it is what it is.