Fefe Dobson: On Roc Comparisons And Her Joy

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The Music Industry can be

quite hilarious at times. Just when you think that you have it all together,

BANG, if not your fans, it’s the record label that suddenly stops

believing in you. Or did they? Well in Fefe Dobson’s case, being dropped

by Island Def Jam back in 2006, just a week before the release of her

sophomore, still feels a bit cold to the touch. She's moved on...

Fefe was a bolt of lightning

when she debuted. While the Canadian's musical counterparts were lugging around

acoustic guitars and chewing bubble gum to the top of the charts, Fefe

hit the stage in a white tank top, blue jeans and truly rocked hard

with no regrets. Not to mention that she was also a female rocker of

color in a genre that was reintroduced to this image (i.e. Tina Turner,

which Fefe played the role of the NBC show, "American Dreams").

Fefe had this spirit about

her that didn’t necessarily lead to Top 10 charts at that time. However,

that same spirit rewarded her with multiple talk show appearances, movie

soundtrack placements, a strong fan following as well as a Juno Pop

Album of the Year nomination in 2005.

So why would Island Def Jam

drop an artist with the potential for career long success? In my opinion,

all you have to do is some industry math. Maybe Fefe was just a casualty

of a Mr. Shawn Carter run label. And if you take it step further, the

former President signed now R&B/Rock superstar Rihanna, which was

on her early rise at the time of Fefe’s exit. These are just a few speculative thoughts

on what could have happened. 

On a brighter note, Fefe is

now independent and ready to continue her musical career. Her new album Joy is a raw, beautiful ride, led by the singles "I Want You"

and "Watch Me Move." The born rock star sat down with AHH

to talk about her new album, her thoughts on fellow Canadian and Rap

star Drake, Rihanna and why Canadian women are so desirable. 

AllHipHop.com: Fefe, if you

don’t mind getting right into it, talk about the energy behind your

sophomore album, Joy. 

Fefe Dobson: The energy was

amazing, so awesome. I was able to write this album with all of my friends.

It was all about positive vibes, no negativity came to the table. I

wanted to do a record that wasn’t overly produced. I wanted for this

album to be raw, to show all of my talents and flaws. I find that when

albums are overly produced, it hides the artist true talent, true voice.

I wanted to showcase my talents in a real way, not computerized. 

AllHipHop.com: Although your

second album with Island Def Jam wasn’t released, some of the singles

from that album were covered by artists, including Jordan Sparks. How

do you feel about being so young and having a few covers of your music

under your belt? 

Fefe Dobson: First of all,

it’s crazy to have people covering my music. I am 24 years old, and

I have already had to Contemporary covers of my music. It’s cool and

it’s nothing but an honor, I’m loving it. 

AllHipHop.com: Fefe, I can’t

lie, there is just something about Canadian women, I can’t put my

finger on it. Being a beautiful Canadian woman yourself, would you like

to speak on that? 

Fefe Dobson: I can’t answer

whether there is something different about Canadian women that guys

love about us. I don’t know, maybe it’s in the maple syrup or something.

Or maybe you just love Canadian women.

"Rihanna and I are both Black women that perform music that has an edge. But if you are a true music lover, you can easily hear the difference

between us."-Fefe Dobson

AllHipHop.com:  True, True (we

laugh). Speaking of Canada, Hip-Hop was greeted in 2009 by the now Top

3 emcee in the game, Drake. Being a fellow Canadian, do you have any

thoughts or opinions on his success? 

Fefe Dobson: I think that the

success Drake is achieving right now is great. I’ve known Drake for

a while now. No one saw this coming. And it’s awesome because he is

such a nice guy. Well he is nice to me; I don’t know what he’s like

to other people. I think that his success is awesome, like, why not?

Oh, one of my friends has the hugest crush on him. She wanted to know

if I could have him call or come to her birthday party. I was like,

“I think that he’s kinda busy right now.” 

AllHipHop.com: There were quite

a few debates in online communities comparing your style to Rihanna’s.

Yet people would often say that you were always consistent and somewhat

of a prototype for what you both do musically. Any thoughts on the comparisons? 

Fefe Dobson: Rihanna and I

are both Black women that perform music that has an edge. I believe

that this is the reason why people would say that we are similar in

style. But if you are a true music lover, you can easily hear the difference

between us. 

AllHipHop.com: I had the opportunity

of attending your live performance a few weeks back. You always leave

everything that you have on stage, very personable with the crowd and

the mic-stand. While promo-touring for Joy what are some of your

favorite songs to perform? 

Fefe Dobson: I love performing

the single "I Want You." It’s fast, and it has a lot of energy

is such a short amount of time. I love performing the song "I’m

a Lady." It is the first song on our set. It is a woman’s anthem;

I know that it is for me. It talks about being a lady and asks the question,

“Are you ready to be this lady’s man?” There’s a ballad called

‘In Your Touch’ that I love performing that song. I love ballad.

I am a sucker for good ballads. Ballads are a great connector to the

audience.Fefe Dobson performing at Mercury



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